Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

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If we are surrendered to the truth, then we should practise, and here[1] it is given what are the elements of surrender, of taking shelter. Many times we have discussed this but I think it is very useful to repeat that the entrance of achieving shelter is to practise what is favorable and to avoid unfavorable things. These are the preliminary exercises. Then on the subjective platform we have to practise humility and dedication of the self. And on the objective platform, on the divine platformKrishna’s contribution is that we should accept Him as the ultimate maintainer and the firm faith that He will protect us form everything.

These are the six elements: do what is necessary and avoid what is harmful; be humble and dedicate yourself; and accept thatKrishnais the maintainer and protector. Is that a complicated process? It is simple – only six elements, my dears. Difficult, no doubt, but it is very simple.

And then the song says: “The young son of Nanda Maharaj, Shri Krishna, will listen to the prayers of all those, who seek His shelter through these six processes.”

You do not have to believe that, to take it, because it is said. Try it! Try! Experience! You do some offering, you do some – so to say – sacrifice and you will see the results.

Then “Bhaktivinod places a blade of grass between his teeth and offers full dandavats in front of Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis.” This is the sign of humility – to take a blade of grass and to offer full dandavats. “And catches their lotus feet and he tells them crying: “No doubt, I am the worse man, but please, make me the best by teaching me the six elements of sharanagati.”

So, it does not matter where you come from. But it does matter where do you go and how. Practise sharanagati. We should practise that limit of humility. Offer yourself, not only formally, but in case you have a trouble, surrender to the situation. For example you have a – well, I would not say an enemy, but problem – go there, offer yourself fully.

Because if you ask mercy from anyone, how can he reject? If you ask for the truth, you will get it. But if you humbly pray for some little drops of mercy, maybe it will be showered over you also. Yet the first step is the truth. Later on these are little more fine elements of our practice.

So, we should practise what is favorable for the spiritual growth, avoid what is unfavorable, be humble, dedicate yourself and have firm faith thatKrishnais the supporter and the protector.

Practise sharanagati. Avoid bad, practise good. And here we need the intelligence. We have to learn what is favorable, what is unfavorable. And if you have found the pure environment, then you should apply your humility and dedication. And with the firm faith thatKrishna protects and maintains, you can go on.

[1] in the devotional song “Sharanagati” by Bhaktivinoda Thakura

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