Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
(continues from the previous Friday)
Question of Manjari: Gurudev, concerning the beautiful prayer you gave us, that we should pray for God to reveal Himself to us; and then to inundate us; and finally to make the path easier for the others, my question is: isn’t He already making the path for others as easy as possible or there is some chance it could be easier? And if there is such a chance, why would He wait for us to pray for it and not help otherwise? 
Giridhari: Why do we interfere with His perfect arrangement?
Swami Tirtha: Well, He can do, He is free to do. And He doesn’t depend on our prayer or no prayer. But He is interested in whether you are ready to do this, or not. Whether you are satisfied with your private liberation, or you are ready to share it with others. Why? Because some people don’t pray: “Please, reveal yourself to Me!” Therefore, if we pray for those who don’t pray, it’s good. 
Definitely we cannot interfere into the divine arrangement too much. But we shouldn’t use it as an excuse. So, ‘Anyway God should do that, why should I do anything? It’s His business.’ Once Gurudev told to one disciple: “All right, I accept that you don’t help me in serving Mahaprabhu’s mission. But at least don’t hinder me!” So, we have a little contribution here and there. You can be a help and you can be a nonsense. We can be part of the solution and we can be part of the problem. Depends on your decision which party you support. 
But what does the first stage mean? “Please, reveal Yourself to me!” The first stage means that ‘I am in deficiency. You are not with me, please come to me.’ What does the second stage mean? ‘Inundate me! Just fulfill me and pervade me.’ That is the stage of surplus. ‘What am I to do with such a surplus? I cannot contain it in myself. I have to give it to others, otherwise I will drown.’ Therefore we are sharing, which in a very concrete sense is preaching. This is so important. And then the third stage will come. Because if you are in surplus, then you are ready to share, then you are ready to give. This is the secrete knowledge of affection, love. Mostly people love due to deficiency. They lack something, they need something, therefore they want to find it in another person. The great ones love due to surplus, they have so much wealth, they have so much treasure that they need a partner to share. So, this is the secret of love, we can say. Don’t love due to deficiency – then it won’t bring the desired happiness or fulfillment. Better you become very wealthy in divine love, and then you can share it with others. 
Of course, we cannot interfere into the divine arrangement, but we can show our readiness: ‘Yes, My Lord, I am ready to serve You! Whatever You want to accomplish through me, I am here!’ Just like Rupa Goswami, Sanatana Goswami – they got a license form Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to accomplish certain achievements. They were empowered to do that. In the same way you can also be empowered if you agree to serve the divine purpose. And prayer is the way. Prayer is the way.
Lilavatar question: Gurudev, as my mind has the inclination to analyze and theorize, if Krishna reveals to you, inundates you and then you share, is it possible that you feel even greater deficiency after that? 
Swami Tirtha: Yes and no. Because it is said that the yogis are satisfied with their achievements and your yogi aspect should be satisfied. But the devotees are always trying to work for the progress of others. Just like the gopis feel million times more happiness if they bring another one in close contact with Krishna instead of enjoying privately themselves. If there is nobody to distribute the prasadam to, our devotional heart is broken. So, as a yogi you can be very satisfied, but as a bhakta no problem if you are a little dissatisfied. Because you feel this lack. 
Question of Paramananda: Would you recommend the mood when we pray for the benefit of others and also an approach?
Swami Tirtha: Please, go through the first two levels; then you will have the proper mood. Because sequence is sequence – it’s important. And if we properly follow the process, the necessary levels will come, the necessary moods will reveal. 
(to be continued)


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