Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Гопа Кумар

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.01.2017 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

So, if we focus on devotional service, what will be the result? What are the features of devotional service? The first one is that it stops the material pain, suffering. Do you have sometimes some material suffering? No? Then prema-bhakti is not for you, sorry. That means we are all invited. Because if this process will help us to get rid of all the material suffering, then this is for us, it’s for me! I don’t want to suffer anymore.

Next feature: it brings all good success to you. I think we all need that also.

It will bring transcendental, spiritual satisfaction. So don’t expect simply material contentment, but it will feed your soul.

A result of devotional service is that you can go beyond liberation. This is something very high! Usually people, even religious people, stop at liberation. But with bhakti you can go beyond.

Then the fifth result is that it is charming even for Krishna.

All these five features are for us. Finishes sufferings, brings all good results, even you can charm God if you have this. But unfortunately we’ve got a sixth feature: prema-bhakti is rarely achieved. Ah, this one point is not for us, it doesn’t concern us. We shall reach! So, considering all these points – this is the result of devotional service. Therefore we appreciate it so high.

And here comes something very sweet. As we understood, this devotional service is charming even for Krishna, for God Himself. There is a question: why Krishna pays more attention to the fallen souls than to His eternal companions?

You see, Krishna likes the newcomers. Why? How is it that you can charm God if you come late? Because it is said that devotion, love of the eternal companions is natural. They have no other choice. In the spiritual sky what else can you do than love Krishna – there’s nothing else to do. While the fallen souls first have to give up all their material attachments, they try to purify themselves, they take all the trouble of this long path of purification. And it is said Krishna appreciates these efforts.

Also Krishna tries to invite everybody for more devotional service, for more spiritual activities by paying more attention to the newcomers. It doesn’t mean that we should not start spiritual service. But we should maintain the mentality of the newcomers, we should maintain the mentality of the innocent souls. Because that type of service is very selfless, it’s very pure. The motivation there is very pure, very essential. Therefore we should always be like a newcomer. And the more we are engaged in the service, the less we are engaged in the service of maya.

Some say that servitude is not real devotional service, it’s not bhakti. Others say that this is the beginning of devotional service beyond this neutral stage. While Rupa Goswami says that servitude is one perfected stage of devotion, which usually brings a reverential mood towards God.

There are many different grades of servitors in the divine realm. You can serve in some cosmic duties; you can serve as a practitioner in a mission; you can serve in your meditation as a direct helper in the lilas. But one thing we shouldn’t forget – the servant of the king also lives in the palace. This is the essence of servitude – that you can come very close to your beloved Lord.

And there is one very-very instructive example that Krishna is giving. Although He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, appreciated by Arjuna like this, He was ready to accept the position of a driver. That means God is ready to serve His friend, Arjuna. This is the glory of devotional service. This is the glory of service to the vaishnavas. If Krishna is ready to come as a servant, then are you not ready to do the same? Partha-Sarathi – the driver of Partha, of Arjuna – there are some temples where Krishna is worshiped like this. 

(to be continued)


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