Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.01.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Mahadev: I’d like to ask about Jay and Vijay: how it happened that in Vaikuntha somebody could commit a mistake? Is it intentional or is it some lila? How it happens?

Swami Tirtha: Actually nobody can fall in Vaikuntha. They say not even the leaves of the tree fall there. They fall upwards. Not even the leaves fall in Vaikuntha. So how come that somebody commits a mistake there? It’s a realm of harmony. And in the realm of harmony there’s no place for mistakes. But you know, what was the profession of Jay and Vijay? Gate-keepers. Where is the gate-keeper standing? In front of the gate. Right, not inside. There you can commit mistakes. Inside, you cannot.

Of course this is only one jolly explanation. But you know, whenever Krishna comes, with one action He fulfills many purposes. One part of this lila was that by trying to show that there is a mistake or curses are happening – which is also very weird, curses in the spiritual realm – He also wanted to prove the glory of devotion. Because the four Kumaras were on the realized platform, they had Brahman realization. And without this occasion it would have been very difficult for them to be charmed by the smell of the lotus feet of Krishna. A realized brahmin’s word and curse are very strong. Also with this He proved that even God can’t overwrite the word of a brahmin. But with this offer that I mentioned, He also proved that sometimes even the opponents in a lila can become very intimate servants. So with one action different-different reasons are fulfilled.

And actually the ultimate and general moral of the story is that we cannot resolve the problems on the same platform. We can say that the gate-keepers and the four Kumaras were practically on the same platform. They were giving a trouble to each-other. But as soon as the superior authority comes He can immediately resolve the problem. And this conclusion we can apply to our present life. Whenever we have a problem, we cannot resolve this problem on the same platform. Usually it is suggested that if you commit a mistake on the bodily-action platform, then try to correct it with actions. If you hurt somebody by words, try to correct this by words, excuse yourself. If you commit a mistake by thoughts, then excuse in thinking. But usually conflicts are very difficult to resolve on the same platform. We need to invite a higher authority to the problem and then he can immediately resolve it. This general rule, this general understanding we should learn from this story. And also without opponents you cannot show your powers. So Lord Vishnu needed some partners to fight. This is yet another reason why this whole story started to float.

Therefore, don’t stop at the gates of Vaikuntha, because there is a chance to commit some mistakes. Enter. Cross. Because it is said, by following Rupa Goswami’s blessings we can cross the superior spiritual realm and we can reach such a platform where there are no mistakes anymore.

The next morning when you look into the mirror, check your goal, check your ambition. Whether this ambition is “I want to reach such a platform where there are no mistakes anymore’? Then again look into the mirror. And then check your practice.

So, now we are sitting in front of the gates of Vaikuntha. It’s risky! Let’s enter. Let’s enter that realm where there is no mistake.


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