Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(From lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 24 of May 2006, Sofia)
Krishna is for everybody, but personally in the same time.
This is rasa, this is maha-rasa we can say. This is the rasa dance. Krishna is there personally in the centre of the circle, but then the gopies are not satisfied.
They want Krishna PERSONALLY, “Come with me!” and there are unlimited number of gopies in the rasa dance. There are eight main gopies and there are some other expansions of the main gopies – like 108. But there are pictures where you see an ocean of gopies around Krishna! What does it mean? This means that the essence of creation, the essence of everything that exists just circulates around Krishna – everybody comes around Krishna. As it is said that all the ladies of the three worlds are running after Him – He is so much attractive. Therefore unlimited number of gopies are there. And Krishna is able to manifest a personal replica of Himself to come with each and every gopi. So if we see a picture of the rasa dance, we should understand the meaning – one Krishna, one gopi, one Krishna, one gopi… So He is ready to come personally to the devotee.
Usually here in Sofia you don’t dance the rasa dance under the moon, right? You have some other activities also. Still if we consider the life of the devotees, they dance with Krishna all the time. But one is dancing like this, managing customers to make them happy, the other is designing some beautiful ornaments, the third is studying – so this dance is manifesting in different ways. But Krishna inspires His devotees in their respective dances. So.. this is our search for beauty, Absolute Beauty… Join the dance!

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