Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 6 of September 2005, Ahtopol)
In “Bhagavata Mahatmya” it is said: “The body will perish. It is afflicted with old age, sorrow and metamorphosis. It is home of disease, difficult to satisfy, hard to maintain, corrupted, faulty and momentary. Finally either worms, or animals, or the fire will devour the body. Why shouldn’t we use the body for such a purpose, that is beyond mortality?”
This is a positive definition for the use of the body. If the body starts it will be finished. What is the meaning – to create more troubles? Or to use it for the best purpose that it’s given to us? The body is an instrument to achieve perfection in human life, in human form. This is the positive approach to the body. If you have a house, then usually you have to pay the taxes of the house. If we don’t really want to pay the taxes, is it reasonable that we break the house? No, we should not only try to enjoy the facility, but we should pay the price also.
So for one month you can enjoy the facilities, but at the end you have to pay the bill. If you don’t pay the bill – it’s possible, it’s not necessary to pay the bill – but then you push the button and nothing happens, no electricity; you turn the tab – no water is coming.
In the same way, if we use all the facilities of the world, if we use all the facilities of the body, but we don’t pay the price – then somehow the supply will be curbed. And what is the price that we have to pay? This is prayer, this is sacrifice – some kind of sacrifice must be done. Because to pay the bills – it’s a sacrifice, right – you have to give your money. Something must be given in order to enjoy the facilities. So in the same way we have to give something, some portion of our life, contribute to the harmony, to the equilibrium of the universe and in this way we can enjoy the facilities.
We are given a body. And the purpose of this body is to use it as an instrument for perfection, self-realization. In one sense it is limited, but in the other it is very well equipped. We have understanding, we have abilities, we have capacities; so we can express ourselves in gratitude towards the Supreme. We have got so much from Him; we should use, we should sacrifice, offer something of ourselves back to Him. Although body is limited, with these bodily activities we can achieve something beyond limitations. With the material tongue you can chant the transcendental Names. Actually it’s not like this – but the transcendental Name can use your material tongue to vibrate itself. So why shouldn’t we use the perishable body to achieve immortal results? “From unreal lead me to real. From darkness lead me to light. From death lead me to eternity. Asato maa sat gamaya. Tamaso maa jiotir gamaya. Mrityor maa amritam gamaya.” This is the best purpose of the body.
Actually there are three types of living entities or three types of directions of the living entities. One is ascending, going upwards; other is going down, descending; and the third type is coming and going all the time. Those who elevate, who purify themselves are on the ascending path; those who degrade are on the descending path – going down to lower planes of existence; and the third type are like the mosquitoes and the similar small living entities where life is very short – they’re just coming and going. This is the opinion of the “Vedanta Sutra”.
What is a real transformation, a real metamorphosis? Change in the form? No, change of mentality. Usually we make the opposite – we change the form, but we don’t change the mentality. Better we keep the form and change the mentality. It’s not enough when we sell the same old wine in a new bottle. We put on dhotis and saris, but we remain on the same level of consciousness. Better we stay in our trousers, but change our consciousness.
First if the mentality is changed, then the body and everything else that is secondary or third will also come with the change of mind. So if you become purified in the heart, in your spiritual existence, then all the other levels of the existence will follow. Everything is decided on the top levels.

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