Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

If somebody is interested in the effects of the holy name, I suggest you should read and study carefully, very carefully the article from Shrila Shridhara Maharaj “The descend of the holy name”. Because if this whole world is vibration then it is very important what kind of vibration we create. What do we add to this world? And of course what kind of vibrations you accept from the world. For example if you were sensitive enough here you would feel unlimited different types of vibrations, like television transmissions, radio stations, CB distribution of the taxis, and also the telephones – different microwaves here and there and military lines, neighbors – so many vibrations are there. But how much of these different vibrations are divine? I think some 70-80 percent of the internet traffic is pornography. What to speak of the other vibrations, other transmissions!? They are surcharged with very basic, very low information. Or telling a lie – it will also resonate your body. And as the holy name touches our heart, our soul, in the same way a lie or some hatred or some bad words that you pronounce, will also vibrate in your body. It can simply break down your brain. So we have to be very careful. Therefore purified life is crucial for spiritual growth.

But if you purify yourself you will suffer more under unfavorable conditions, right? Because then you will be more sensitive and you will feel more the stupid attack. Isn’t it? Never mind, go on! Because the next step is when you start to become stronger. The holy name is just like a defend system around you, protective system. There are special protective mantras for certain cases. But if you submit ourselves under the protection ofKrishna– who can attack you? Although even in Vrindavana these days it is not the towers of the temples that are highest, but the transmission towers for telecommunication. So a different vibration is entering the holy places also. But we have some advantage, because at least we have the knowledge that there is divine vibration. And just like these little receivers are tuned to receive only a certain type of vibrations, in the same way if we tune our heart and soul, then we shall be able to select the best vibration.

But why should we talk about the bad vibrations of the world? Better to chant the holy names. Because there will be a transformation in your heart.

Question of Manjari: Gurudev, you said that second phase is when we become strong enough so that we are not easily hurt and influenced. How do we become strong?

Tirtha Maharaj: By doing it! This is not simply a result of our own efforts. But the protective shield of the devotees, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Krishna Himself. Who is watching Drakula movies? You know, when they draw a magic circle that will protect the guy and bad guys cannot enter that circle. You only have to wait for the first rays of the sunshine to come and then you are safe. But what is this magic circle in devotional life? The magic circle is given by our spiritual master. He will tell us: “These are the limits. Stay inside these limits.” Then you are protected fully. Therefore we make the vow to study and to put into practice dharma, to accept the rules and regulations, I mean the prohibitions and that we shall follow the recommendations. Practically this is the magic circle around you that will protect you. Because our gurus are strong enough to protect us, they know how to do it, therefore they give the limits: “These are the limits. Inside you are protected.” Just like a kid, a small kid. You give some certain limits and inside these limits he is safe. But what happens if he moves out of that protective circle? First of all he will start crying and you will start trembling. The same happens if you move out of this magic circle, then you have to take all responsibility. You can go out, but then it is your business. So until we move inside this protective circle then we are absolutely safe.

But this is just like a transformation. First when you give up your material conditioning you feel you become weaker. Later on when this veil of illusion is removed completely, you will see: we are always protected. Under His shelter we are protected.

(to be continued)

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