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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 31.07.2016, morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Kanaka, kamini, pratishtha – money, women and fame – how to approach these sources of problems? It is said we should offer them, knowing what their source is and what is their destination.

So, first is money. To whom money belongs? Not to the banks, not to us, definitely not to us. All the wealth of the Earth belongs to God. So, if some little part is distributed to us, we have to understand that it’s God given. It belongs to Him, I am only like a gatekeeper or an accountant. And I have to serve with these resources Him again. Take from the source and offer it back. Krishna, as the possessor of all wealth, is Madhava. All the wealth belongs to Him.

What about ladies? My dear brothers, do you think that ladies belong to you? You might be very attractive, but unfortunately Krishna is more attractive. He is attractive for the ladies of the three worlds! Everybody is running after Him. We are only a substitute. If there is no horse, we should be satisfied with the mule. This is our bitter position, my dear. Better we understand that ladies belong to God Supreme. Gopinath is the Lord of the beauties of the village. So, if you want to be protected from the influence of wealth or ladies, you should offer these back to the source, back to the possessor.

And what about fame? We know that Krishna is very famous. Many times we say Shri Krishna, the famous Krishna. But how to get rid of this original problem – this pride? This you can offer to your spiritual master. If some respect comes to you, you can immediately offer it further to your master. For example: “You are such a great artist! You paint the shri-yantra so nice!” This respect you should immediately offer to your master.

Question: But how do you offer it?

Swami Tirtha: You just say: “I am not painting, you are painting through me. It’s not me, I am an instrument in your hands.” It’s a very serious thing! If I am an obedient servant of my master, he is acting through me. Then it’s not me. Whatever glory comes to me, it’s not for me – it’s him acting through me. Therefore the saints are protected from the trap of pride.

I hope our gopis are not offended. Because it doesn’t mean that you are the source of all problems in this life. Rather the problem is with us, if we misunderstand the situation. For example once somebody made a remark to a lady in a temple: “You are very kama, because your ear is out of your sari!” Who is disturbed by an ear?! Most probably the mistake is not with the lady with an ear. You know, we all have ears, so what’s wrong with that? The problem is yours.

So, try to understand it properly, because these are energies of the Supreme. Kanaka, kamini, pratishta – or wealth, attachment and fame – are like basic problems in life. Therefore we need a remedy. So, this is one way to handle this situation – to offer it back to the source.

All the rivers are running to the ocean, bringing their water. Yet, the ocean doesn’t change. In the same way Krishna is all famous, all wealthy and all in every respect. So, whatever you offer back to Him, He will not change. Because He is already complete, full.

Whatever is incomplete in the material sphere if we add a divine drop, then it becomes perfect. Our knowledge is limited, our consciousness is limited. As soon as we connect back to the Supreme, for example by chanting, it becomes complete, you are connected. Chant more and then you will understand – this is the way of inner revelation, inner enlightenment. How to become a better devotee? Chant more! How to get rid of my stupidity? Chant more! Because spiritual practice will substitute the material practice, overcomes it.

Rupa Goswami says that the holy name acts like a remedy. If you suffer in the jaundice of material consciousness, they say when you have this disease, if you taste sugar, this is bitter. So, if we have the jaundice of material life, if you take the sugar candy of the holy name, you feel it bitter. Nevertheless this is the remedy. Take the sugar and the time will come when instead of the bitter you will feel the sweet. Therefore chanting is our main remedy. Jiv jago, jiv jago! “Oh, sleeping souls, awake!” Mahaprabhu has brought the remedy for this Kali Yuga.


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