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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 31.07.2016 morning, Sofia) 

Baladev: Because there is a difference between the saintly person and the normal person who is affected by the six enemies…

Swami Tirtha: So, that means a saint is not normal? He is abnormal?

Baladev: The question is about the pride, which is the most important of the enemies. How to get rid of this pride and how it is connected with the other primary enemies?

Swami Tirtha: A saint is very proud, he is super proud; but not of himself – of his master, of his God. So, I think people in the material world have no any concept of pride. Because they think it belongs to them. But if we offer it, if we give this to our superiors, then it falls in the proper place.

And what was the question of Arjuna? How to recognize the saint? Then Krishna started to describe the pros and cons of material life – what is the reaction of a saintly person to these. Here in the material world we have only three kinds of problems. Kanaka, kamini, pratishta – money, women and fame.  If you don’t have money, that’s bitter, that’s a problem. If you have money, it’s a bigger problem. Because it is said: money doesn’t change you, but will show who you are. If you start to have money, it will reveal who you are. Why? Because this is a female energy of the Supreme. Lakshmi Devi. So, what is the nature of ladies? Usually they come and go. Especially money – sometimes it is coming, but all the time is going. Usually they don’t stay for too long with us. Because they are chanchalam, with a very changing nature. Do we sometimes have money issues? This is one source of problems in this material life.

The second problem is women. If women didn’t exist, men would be bored to death. But fortunately women are provided by God. In this way, my dear brothers, we have some engagement. When you don’t have a wife, you cry. Then God is merciful and gives you a wife – then you cry again. So, what is the difference?

The third source of problems is fame. What is fame? Who is fame? How is it called? Shri – another woman. Shri is ‘fame’. So, we can reduce the problems from three to one – female. Because money is a female, woman is a female, fame is also a female. My dear brothers, we have only one problem! But why?

Sanatan: No woman, no cry.

Swami Tirtha: Why? Because if it is positively given to us, it’s a blessing. If you know the source and the purpose of money, and you use it properly, then it’s a blessing. If you appreciate a woman as a lady, as a mistress – then it is properly done. And if you treat or relay fame in a proper way, then you are safe.

(to be continued)


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