Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

If one person achieves some spiritual achievement in a real community, then this is an achievement of all. Just imagine, if one of you achieve full realization of Radha-Krishna – completely, perfectly pure devotee – will it have any effect on you or not? That person will show the shine that he has got or not? Naturally he will share – or she, of course! I mean, naturally this person will share whatever has been achieved. By sharing it just multiplies. So our principle in the spiritual community should be: one for everybody and everybody for one.

When I heard this, then I understood that everybody, all the devotees – irrespective of the different statuses, bodies and positions – all work for Krishna. So this is when everybody is for One. And what is the other side of the question? One for everybody. In that part I realized the service of the spiritual authority. Because somebody, so to say superior, should serve everybody. One for all. In this way everybody is involved in the service.

Guru receives all the poison! Somebody has to take that part also. Isn’t it? And you should all become gurus – take more responsibilities in your lives. I’m not talking about initiating people here and there, but to help them, serve them, capture their hearts.

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