Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



(from lecture of Bhakti Kamala Tirtha Maharaj, 2 of September 2006, Sofia)
There are different approaches to prayers. For a long, long time we are searching for our own goals, ambitions, desires to fulfill – not necessarily wrong, but simple ones. But then from the first philosophy lectures you understand that it’s not good to pray to Krishna for a selfish desire. Then you become a schizoid person – you want so many things to be fulfilled, but you know that it’s forbidden and very bad to pray for. Isn’t it? So from a strong, healthy personal character you’ve start practicing this type of Yoga and you become a schizoid man of the 21 century. Is that approved? This is what you want? May be not. We want to be healthy and strong. And we should realize our platform. If I am still in need of Krishna’s help – where shall I turn, whom to pray? It’s HIM that we should pray.
So don’t burden yourself with trying to forbid yourself from praying. If you need something, just tell. But don’t put everything into your pocket. Be ready to share what you’ve got with others.
We should learn also how to pray. There are different types of prayers. Like asking blessings, then asking for forgiveness. And finally when you come to the real platform of prayers is when you start to glorify God.
If we are under shelter, that means that we have somebody to turn to. With whatever troubles or happiness you have, you have a consultant and partner. So Krishna is ready to serve you, but how much you are ready to serve Him? You can give your simple prayers: “O my Lord, I think I need this – but what is Your opinion?” This is an important part. Because you can freely say: “I need this, I need Your help.” So don’t be paranoiac: “Shall I ask? Should I pray? May be not… May be yes… It’s forbidden….” No, simply give your prayers. But always let HIM decide.
Right, in this way you act like Him. Because He gave the same choice to Arjuna also: “Now I have told you everything – it’s up to you.” In the same way you can tell the whole story to Krishna. But finally don’t forget to add: “And now it’s up to You to decide what you want.”
Because actually it is always according to His choice. So better be clever in the beginning and so to say “give the option” to Him, but be satisfied with what you’ve got.
But from this kanishtha stage when we pray for ourselves only, we want to qualify ourselves to reach the madhyama platform soon – to pray for others. Right, because we are not neophytes, we are practicing, so we want to pray for others: “My Lord, I’m not praying for myself, only for others.” But then again if you still preserve your kanishtha mentality, then you can commit spiritual violence. What does it mean? If for example you pray to God: “O my Lord please make Damodar to be like this and that! He should act like I think!” Because many times we have this feeling: “O, may be this friend could be a devotee. Make him a devotee!” This is the same thing! I want to push MY desire over that person with the help of God. Isn’t it? It happens many times. Although I think that: “O, I pray for him.” No. You are praying for YOUR desire to manifest on him. You feel the difference, right?
Then how to pray for others? If we pray FOR somebody, we should not push our desire over the person, but invite the mercy of the Lord or direct His attention on that person. “O please, give him Your mercy! Make his path smooth.” In this way your attention, your power of prayer is directed to the person and to God and then a nice transmission will come. So we should be very careful about our prayers, because this is very powerful. The purer the person is, the more effective the prayer.
So don’t forget to pray for yourself in the way that we discussed: “This is my opinion, this is my desire, but what do You think?” – don’t forget the second part. Don’t forget to pray for others: “Please, help them, make their path easier and smooth.” And don’t forget finally to pray in a glorification mood. In the “Ishopanishad” there is one exclamation for God: “O my Lord, great as fire!” A simple glorification: “O, You are great! You are shining! You are powerful!” So this is a general conception about God – You are great. But we are dualists, so we pray with folded palms. Because the whole creation you can unite in your folded palms, you can offer everything that you have.

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