Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 01.10.2017 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

This is sadhu-sanga – real association with saintly personalities. This is something precious and hopefully it will never end in our life. Other meetings, other chances to be together with someone will end, but hopefully this will never end. So this IS the golden period of our life. The pure gold is when we associate with a pure devotee. This is the super-gold period of our life. If we have the blessed association with our master, this is the most golden period of our life.

Yet usually we are a little stupid. And we don’t have this water to check the gold, how pure it is – how is that in English? Ah, you are not goldsmiths. But you should become ones. I think you understand – there is a liquid to test the gold. We don’t have this liquid at hand, so we cannot test how precious is the association with the devotees that we have. Usually we appreciate it in their absence.

So, if the super-gold period of our life when we can associate with a pure devotee is finished, then what happens? Another period of life will start and this is called the platinum period. When you didn’t lose your master, but the presence of your master is expanded, extended. And you will see him and meet him wherever you look, wherever you go. Your creative imagination and your yearning desire will create him, or create chances to meet him again and again.

So the platinum period is not bad. A little more demanding, because we need to lead a very focused and very intense life. But this is just like it is described in Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu by Rupa Goswami: there are some factors that will ignite the ecstasy of the devotees. One such factor is the name of Krishna. Whenever a real devotee will hear the name of Krishna, he almost faints. Or another such item is the peacock feather. Well, you don’t meet a peacock at every corner, but whenever you have that chance, automatically you will remember the Great Dancer.

In the same way, if the pictures of our masters and their teachings are reality in us, for us, then you will meet that reality everywhere. This is the way to never lose the connection. All other connections have been lost, all my dreams have been crushed. I don’t mind, this was illusion. But our spiritual dreams should never be corrupted. That reality we should cherish and serve and nourish, so that this platinum period of our life may continue until our last breath.

(to be continued)


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