Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 01.10.2017 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

“When we have the inner conviction, are we then safe? Also, does the external guru helps us to contact the chaitya-guru, the internal guru?

Shrila Shridhara Maharaj: The external guru, mahanta-guru, not only helps us to contact the chaitya-guru, but he helps to prepare us so that we can infallibly read the directions of the chaitya-guru. At first in a raw way we may receive directions from chaitya-guru and that draws us to mahanta-guru. The chaitya-guru helps us in a general way, which is not very systematic and clear. Coming to mahanta-guru we feel: ‘Yes, with the help of my chaitya-guru, my internal hankering has been satisfied.’ Then with the help of our mahanta-guru we come to find that clear direction in our chaitya-guru. They are helping one another. By the help of the mahanta-guru our ability to read the chaitya-guru becomes clearer. Our reading of the innate chaitya-guru becomes clearer as we become cleansed of the different thoughts and ideas mixed up from yogis, gyanis, karmis and so many others different sections. The chaitya-guru will give us more adherence to mahanta-guru and in this way they help each other.”[1]

This is important here – gurus help each other. How to identify a shiksha-guru[2]?

Hayagriva: He is helping you develop your connection with diksha-guru[3].

Swami Tirtha: Yes. You listened to the lectures, I like that! Yes, shiksha-guru means to develop your deeper connection with your diksha-guru. Chaitya-guru will help you to follow the instructions of the external guru. So they work for our benefit.

“After receiving help from chaitya-guru, we come to mahanta-guru, but sometimes it may also happen that after accepting mahanta-guru, the chaitya-guru becomes covered again.”

‘Before I felt this inner guidance, but now I don’t feel this inner guidance’ – does it happen sometimes? Of course it happens.

“The mahanta-guru will then take the disciple and help him cleanse the dirt that has covered his chaitya-guru. The chaitya-guru may become buried by some anartha or some vaishnava-aparadha, but the mahanta-guru will come and give relief.”

This is one thing; the other thing is that you are so much focused on the external guru that you don’t need this inner guidance anymore. ‘You have brought me so far, thank you, now I’ve arrived. I am not on the path of searching anymore, I have found. After the restaurants finally I can enjoy the home taste. Home comfort.’

Question of Tejasvini: Gurudev, should we differentiate the inner guru and Paramatma?

Swami Tirtha: Usually they identify these two as the same. But we can say that Paramatma is like a general presence, while chaitya-guru is a specific or more personal presence. We can also say that Paramatma is the observer and you, as the individual atma, are the enjoyer of the fruits of the tree. When you don’t pay attention on the Paramatma, then He is simply Paramatma. When you start to pay attention to Him, He’ll become your chaitya-guru, a personal savior. Yes, a personal savior, a personal inner guide – this is a more established connection, not the general presence.

(to be continued)

[1] From Centenary Anthology

[2] Spiritual master who is giving teachings (shiksha)

[3] Spiritual master who is giving initiation (diksha)

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