Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


First of all we should live for our own spiritual benefit, then we should be useful for our fellow human beings and other living entities and finally we should live for the glory of God. Three levels of your existence: one little part for yourself, a bigger part for your brothers and sisters and the greatest part for your Lord. So be useful for yourself, helpful for others and glorious for God. Write this in the notebook of your heart.

Question of Ramvijay: Gurudev, you mentioned these three levels. And first and second is more or less possible to understand: one is for myself, two is for my brothers. But how can we be sure that the third part is not cheating, as we never saw God?

Tirtha Maharaj: How come?! Is it possible?! You are standing here, how you cannot see? (showing the altar)

Ramvijay: I mean if I see a piece of wood?

Tirtha Maharaj: That is too bad.

Ramvijay: … and then I listen to the advice and I think: okay, one and two I can understand, but what is this three, I don’t understand.

Tirtha Maharaj: If you can understand one and two, then you can understand three also. But, all right, if someone cannot see God personally, then at least he can see His work. You can see the creation, you can see the nature, you can see the arrangement, you can see His servants. You can see what is connected to Him. Like father like son. From the son you can understand the sun. From the servant you can understand the guru. So from the effect you can understand the cause also, because they are connected.

And if we are not sure in certain moments, we should ask an authority, who knows: “Please, my master, can you tell me, if I do this, is it correct service of God?” I very rarely hear such questions. Most probably because everybody is very nicely performing the duties. And everybody is sure and fixed in the service of God. But in case not, then you ask: “Is this the way? Am I right?” Because sometimes we give up earlier than necessary. For example you buy a flat on leasing and you pay, you pay, you pay – ten years are gone and still it is not your property. So you give it up: “I’ve had enough of paying every month. No result, it’s not mine.” This is called stupidity, right? Because you don’t go to the end of the process. Or you enroll a university and after two weeks you say: “Ah, this is not my place. This university does not meet my standards. Better I give it up.” In this way you will never have a diploma. We have to understand that there are certain difficulties that we have to take in order to achieve some goal. Unfortunately life is such arranged.

So always find an authority who can help us, who will inspire us in our spiritual activities. I repeat: who inspires us in our spiritual activities. So if guru cuts your material desires, don’t run away.

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