August 2022


Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

garland for the Lord

Question: I’d like to ask about the stage of steady devotional service – I have heard that it comes after one is purified of contaminations, am I right?

Swami Tirtha: Yes, steadiness comes after purification, when nothing can drive you away from the devotees. This is steadiness. Who is a servant? Servant is a person who is always ready to serve you. If we take one example – a dog; a dog is always ready to serve the master. Sometimes he gets food, other times not. Sometimes he is caressed, other times he is bеаten up. It does not matter, he always stays with the master and is always ready to serve – dedicated. A real dog has this permanent dedication.

What about us? Until Krishna takes very nice care of us, we are very good devotees. As soon as there is some little difficulty, we start to complain about Him. In that sense we can learn even from a simple dog to be really committed to the master. But of course, to be a servant of God is much more demanding and much more yielding. And our commitment is not based on fear or aggression or any ambitions of material kind, but it is based on the attractive power of Krishna.

This is the secret – everything moves by the power of attraction. Krishna is the magnetic power. Actually Radhika is the magnetic power, but anyway, it is manifested through Krishna. Just like you, you have two hands, right? What is your right hand? Your right hand is the electric power. And what is your left hand? This is your magnetic power. Active – passive. Active like working hard; passive like attracting. In the same way, whatever we have, we have to surrender, submit this to Krishna and then it will be fulfilled to the utmost level. There is perfection to all what we have. The perfection of the eyes, for example, is to see Krishna’s beautiful form. The perfection of the ears is to listen to His sweet message. Whatever we have can be used for perfection. But we have to be committed permanently. And this is not like an official routine or a demand, but a natural expression of the soul. Because the original function of the soul is to serve Krishna lovingly. If you can do that, you are very close to your original position. And what will drive you away? These are the imperfections, the impurities. Therefore to be committed fully, we have to be purified enough. But these permanent ecstasies – vibhava, anubhava – they come on a very high stage. This is like the second nine practices of bhakti on the higher stage.



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