Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Tirtha Maharaj: Do you remember what is described in the very beginning of the Bible? After God has created different living species what is happening?

Somebody: He gave the names to them.

Tirtha Maharaj: Who? Who gave them names?

Somebody: God.

Yadunath: Or Adam!

Tirtha Maharaj: God brings the species in front of Adam, so that he gives them names. So, to give a name is very ancient, very archaic universal duty. And according to the version of the Bible, this power is delegated by God to the human beings. Why? Because on the real divine platform there is only one code, there is only one name. Ah, not one…! It’s two! Radhe-Shyam – this is the ultimate answer to call a name of anything. But in a divided and estranged material platform everything is divided by name and form – material name and form, of course. And due to this distinction, it is human duty to understand the names and the forms.

On the divine plane there is no distinction between the name and the object. So, if you say “water” in the spiritual sky, it will quench your thirst. If you say “apple” you will be fulfilled. If you say “Krishna” you will meet Him – there is no distinction between the name and the named. Therefore we say that this is more precious than anything else. The divine name is on a much higher platform, a different nature than whatever exists on material platform.

So this is a real mystery that there is no difference between the name and the object. Usually you ask about chanting of the holy name. So, when you chant, you should never forget that this is directly God Himself. This is not something intermediate, this is not a code, this is not a reflection, this is the real thing.

Who is, what is more important – the name or the object, on the spiritual platform?

Krishna Priya: But you said they are the same!

Tirtha Maharaj: Do you feel that?

Krishna Priya: No.

Tirtha Maharaj: All right, then give an answer – what is more important, the object or the name?

Somebody: The object.

Yadunath: Maybe the name?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, the half-accomplished mystics will say that the object is more important. Why? Because they will see, they will understand that the name is like a connection, like a transmission from this point to that point. But the accomplished mystics, the followers of the Chaitanya line, they have a different understanding. Because Mahaprabhu came with this message: there is no difference between the naam and naami. Naami is who is named.

And the next step is when the name starts to be more important than the naami. In what sense? Usually you start to practice any spiritual path in order to meet God, right? But when you are a very special person, then you are satisfied with the holy name. You don’t need anything else. So you don’t chant in order to achieve something, even the direct darshan of God Supreme, but you are satisfied with chanting.



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