Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.10.2017 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

Usually what is our daily life? We have our husbands and wives and there is no higher authority – except us – in our family relationships. Because everybody thinks: ‘I am the higher authority in this system.’ But then what to do? There is very good conflict management in any relationship, even if you don’t have the authority to harmonize your conflict. Mudra – do you know what is the meaning of mudra?

Somebody: I can explain through yoga. Because our physical body is electrical, so mudras in yoga are like switching on and switching off the electricity and we can control the different centers and powers in our body – these are our locks. There are also three big locks, which are called bandhas. So, with mudras and bandhas we can control these great powers.

Swami Tirtha: You are very much correct. The original meaning of ‘mudra’ is like ‘stamp’. Because it is, just as you said, locking, like stamping, closing the circles and energy paths. And also, mudra is used in arts, in dance for example, where beyond the yoga meaning of mudra they express some feelings, some meanings, some gestures, some personalities also you can show by the mudras.

And there is a mudra, so to say, to harmonize family conflicts. There is! May I show it? Do you want to be introduced into the secrets of harmonizing the family life? Catch the other by the hands, meaning: ‘Even if we fight, we belong together’. This is the harmonizing mudra of happy conflicts. “Now you can tell me, but we belong together.” So, mudra means a lock: we belong together. Irrespective of the conflicts, likes or dislikes – we belong together. And this will bring the higher authority to harmonize the conflict – even if we don’t have a person to harmonize it, because we have invited the spirit of why we came together. We have decided that yes, we shall share this life experience. Is this yoga – as yoga means connection and self-control?  Of course! Is this an art – an artistic expression of humility and beauty and love? It is!

Baladev: My question is: shall we apply this mudra before or after the conflict?

Swami Tirtha: Before, during, after… It’s difficult to say, because you know in life we so rarely have conflicts.

Baladev: In your life maybe, Gurudev…

Swami Tirtha: But whether you apply this before or after, it will work. It will stop the flow of stupidity and it will open up another channel.

But we need this harmonizing power so much! Why should we waste our life with conflicts? Meanwhile you can be happy! You see, life is…

Baladev: Beautiful.

Swami Tirtha: Yes! And what I like so much is that even the highest theory and the mystic explanation of yoga you can really apply in daily life. So, this is good. This is something of course very simple, very human.

(to be continued)

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