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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 24.07.2016 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Then the next principle applies – love. First step is live, then love – this is the point. Passion! We all speak that language, right? If something is too sattvic, it’s so boring. Nothing happens there – only peace and perfection. Give me some passion, fire, action!

So, the second part is love. This is a very powerful side of the soul practically, because it doesn’t belong to the body, but it belongs to the soul. This capacity to love, to appreciate – it belongs to the soul. Therefore we have to learn how to apply, how to… not to purify because it’s originally pure, but how to excavate that spiritual capacity of ourselves. We all have some experience of the material side of affection, right? But we have only some information about spiritual love. Information is the candy, just to invite you to taste. But realization must be there. To have the full taste, to have the full capacity. Live, love. Love is so powerful, even on the material platform people are ready to die for it. How stupid!

Sanatana: Pushkin.

Swami Tirtha: And many others, too many. But actually, basically even in this case you don’t die for the other person, you die for your own illusions, your dreams. So, if we are ready to die for our material partners, are you not ready to die for God, your eternal partner? How is that, my dear?

So, this divine love is the natural function of the soul. Rupa Goswami compares this basic, natural function of the soul to a very natural function between human beings. He says: when you put a young boy and a young girl together, naturally some affection will appear. The movements of divine love are of the same nature. If you put yourself, your real spiritual identity close to God, Krishna, naturally affection will manifest. But as on the material platform these love affairs, romantic affairs, move like in a meandering way, like the snake, in a zigzag way, in the same way spiritual affection moves in a zigzag way. So, don’t be surprised if your path looks like turning to another direction or you meet some unexpected experience.

Once Gurudev visited us in the difficult times and then he started to leave from the ashram. One devotee was carrying the bags and helping him, and when they approached the car, what did they see? Police is around the car and many people gathering. And you know in those times, if you see the police around your western registration car… So, Gurudev immediately said: “Oh, this is surprising!” and turned in another direction on the street. Of course later on it turned out that somebody broke the car and the police was there only to help. But beforehand you don’t know what’s going on. So sometimes we meet some unexpected experience in our spiritual life. What can you say: “Oh, this is surprising!”  And maybe we make a turn, but we never make a U-turn. Please, note this!

The Ishopanishad, one of the main secret teachings calls God, Krishna: “Oh, my Lord, supremely powerful as fire!” He is very powerful! And who are you? You are the essence of life. Life is the milk and the essence of life is the butter. If you take a piece of butter from the fridge of material existence and you put it just close to God who is supremely powerful as fire – what will happen naturally? You will simply melt. That means connection, affection will start to manifest somehow. Maybe we have some information, maybe we have some hope, but if we apply the process, definitely something will happen.

Think of yourself: just a few years back how it was before you have started, before you have met the devotees; and how is it now? You might say ‘I was happier before because I was unaware what’s going on. This darkness of illusion was so charming; no higher thoughts, no problems. Before I was engaged only with material ambitions, now I have double problems, I have spiritual ambitions also.’ Beware, more trouble is coming to you. But nevertheless you know that it is worth to have such troubles. Because we had found at least one small little piece of candy for ourselves, therefore we are here.

(to be continued)


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