Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Krishna has the capacity of a magnifying glass. Because whatever small little spark of good He observes in you, He will magnify that. We should also follow this example of Krishna: if you see something little good, just enhance that. Especially in others – if you observe something good in others – try to support that.

Krishna is a loving God, compassionate. You know that usually this is the jivas who make the desperate search for the Supreme Lord. But actually from Bhakti literature we can understand that Krishna is desperately searching for His lost servants. And how is that possible without affection, without compassion? Actually this is the reason why Krishna manifests His attractive power – to help others. This is His compassion. And also very human, because He is partial with His creation. if you would be a God, would you be satisfied with some average creation? No, you want special. And even if your creation is not so perfect, you will exercise your power to make it more perfect. Or take another example: if you are a guru, would you be satisfied with an average disciple? No, you want the best! But what is the offer? So we should accept the offer and work very hard to make it perfect.

And in the same way, if you are powerful enough to have such a vision that you can inject perfection in the hearts of others – then this is real transmission of devotional energy. Therefore the vision of my spiritual master can build me up. Because he trusts me! Therefore I can live up to the standard. I think this is a very important point – that if we get this loving support, trust and transmission of this divine loving energy – then we can grow very nice.

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