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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 24.07.2016 evening, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Friday) 

You know, our Krishna has unlimited qualities. He is a good flutist, a good dancer. He has a charming hairstyle; and many other features. Shrimati Radharani also has many super excellent qualities. From the beloved one of this Supreme Lord, full of opulent divine qualities, we expect also some very heavenly and very divine parts and beauties. So, the 64 super excellent artistic qualities of Radharani are mentioned in a list. What kind of arts do you find there? For example one is playing puns, tricks of words. What is the meaning of pun? Using very tricky language. Telling one thing and meaning the other thing. I think you all have this capacity. You say “yes” and you mean “no”. Other times you say “no” and it means “yes”. It also comes from a divine quality of Shrimati Radharani.

We have one devotee; he is extremely fond of puns. Every second sentence that he says is a trick of words. Sometimes it’s a little annoying. Once I told him: “Oh, my dear one, it’s enough of all the time making this”. And then he was really depressed: “But, Maharaj, this is a way to release the tension for me”. You know, when he is overstressed – this is the way how he expresses himself, then he feels more relaxed. You see, we are so different, but still if we enjoy the blessings of Shrimati Radharani, even these funny aspects of life you can spiritualize.

Also She knows very well how to dress nicely. This is what we expect from a lady, right – the art of beauty! She is also very well versed in arranging flower beds; and in all the different ways of music. So, from all these very soft and very delicate arts I am sure that you feel who the object of Her offerings is.

We have a devotee, by profession he is a carpenter. Once we checked this list of 64 super excellent qualities of Radharani and when we came to the point that She is the best expert in carpentry, then first our devotee was a little surprised: “What, carpentry?” and then a divine smile appeared on his face. “Even if I’m chopping the wood, I can meditate on Shrimati Radharani!” Although usually boys are engaged as carpenters, right? This is not a female job; yet here also She is the best authority. But what to speak of carpentry, even in metallurgy She is the best. I am serious! Then we can understand that the super excellent qualities are far beyond the reach of our understanding. And this is only those sixty-four excellencies that are mentioned in the list. So, you can imagine those qualities which are not mentioned, which are kept hidden.

So, what is our conclusion? If you want to be a good carpenter, what do you have to do?

Paramananda: Go to Shrimati Radharani.

Swami Tirtha: Then the power will be delegated to us. And who will be the object, the target of our delegated talents? Service of Krishna. So, this is like a full circle. We are part of a divine circle. Actually They are searching for each other. It’s not me, it’s Them. But if somehow we are invited into this super excellent divine circle, then this is our chance of perfection. This is the magic circle, the spell that we want over our life. It’s not the spell of illusion, it’s not the impersonal mirage of the truth. It’s being invited into a divine exchange.


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