Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Again, let’s analyze a little bit more the spiritual egotism. You start to associate with vaishnavas. Then you bring your consciousness also to the temple. And then you will see nobody better than yourself. You just look around and say: “Hm. They are not serious. I will show them. They don’t know what real devotional service is.” Especially those who have received their initiation one month ago – they have a very strong and very convicted mentality: “I have to show! I have to prove!” This is the time for the elder generation to practice humility. Because this is a parampara system. When you were young, you were committing the same mistakes, right? So this is the karmic loop – whatever you have given to others, you will receive it back. When you spit upwards, what will happen?

Yamuna: The upward will spit on us.

Tirtha Maharaj: No, unfortunately the same thing is coming back. If you would receive a divine spit, ah my God! But unfortunately we only receive what we have given. So if you want to show what is real devotional service, then you will have many smiling faces around you and it’s a wisdom smile: “All right, do it! Go ahead!” And then you start to feel like an important member of the society. Or better we say – the most important person of the society. “Me and others”. Just like before – “We and others”. Now “Me and others”. “In the general practice I am the best. But someone has to serve Gurudev also. And they don’t know how to do it. So better I do it. I know all the little details of his likes and dislikes. I know all the legends of Gurudev. I have read – or maybe I have written – the Gurudev Purana, so I know it better how to do it. Because Gurudev is so important! Somebody has to take nice care of him.” Right? So then you start first of all to show others that you know it. And you know it better! Therefore you sit in the front row – because you are an obedient servant. You are very close to Gurudev, so therefore you sit in the front row. Because in this way you “listen better to the divine sound, emanating from his holy lips”. But unfortunately your false ego is vibrating so loudly in your brain that you don’t listen anything.

So this is one version, when you sit in the front row. If you are more “elevated”, you have penetrated better the science of humility, then you will sit in the back row: “Gurudev, I am humble servant of yours.” The third phase is even better. When you are sooo “humble”, that you are not attending the lectures. You come a little later. But what does it mean if you come later? That when you enter the temple, all the attention is coming to you. “Who is this guy coming so late?”

So these are the three phases: the first row, the last row and the out row.

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