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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Sanatan Goswami

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 10.01.2013, evening, Sofia)

(continued from the previous Friday) 

Once a very poor man approached a saint. This saint was Sanatan Goswami, one of the six followers of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. And our friend knew that this saint had the philosopher’s stone. You know, this is such a special stone that can convert practically anything into gold. Our friend thought: ‘Well, I’m so much in need. If I have wealth, I can manage my life, I will be happy.’ So, he approached Sanatan Goswami and said: “Oh, Goswamiji, I have been suffering for such a long time and I heard that you have this stone. Do you really have it?” “Yes, I have it.” “You know, I want to finish with my poor condition, may I have it?” “Yes, you can have it”. Our friend was a little surprised. “How is it that I can have it? Very nice! And where can I find it?” “Oh, just go, there is this pile of garbage, you can find it”. So our friend rushed there, searched a little bit and found the stone. He was very happy and went back home, now possessing the key of success. ‘Now, I will be wealthy! I will be happy!’

But then he started to think: ‘Wait a minute, if Sanatan Goswami keeps this very precious stone in the garbage – this is not the place for such treasure – he must have even more precious treasures! If this is lying on the pile, then I cannot imagine what kind of wealth he’s got’. He couldn’t sleep that night. He was full of expectation and imaginations: ‘How is that!?’ So, in the morning he went back to our saint. The word goswami means ‘the lord of the senses’, it’s a title to ascetics of the renounced order; their main duty is to dedicate fully themselves to divine activities – meditation, teachings and divine rapture. So, Sanatan Goswami was sitting under his tree, deeply absorbed in meditation. Our friend came very excited and said: “Goswamiji!” “Oh, very nice, my son, that you came – are you happy?” “I brought back your stone! I don’t need it anymore! If you keep this stone in the garbage, you must have something more precious! Do you really have something more precious?” Sanatan Goswami replied: “Yes, of course I have something more precious than this stupid philosopher’s stone!” and our friend said: “May I have it?” Sanatan Goswami replied: “Yes, you can have it!” “What are your conditions?” “You should throw your stone into the river.” Just imagine yourself, you have the key of your dreams in your hand and you have to get rid of that?! Isn’t it like this shadow that told you: ‘Stop now! Should I risk or not? All risk, no gain! Who knows what is there!’ But he was brave enough, so he went to the river and threw it in. After that he came back to Sanatan Goswami and said: “I did it! Now where is your treasure?” and then Sanatan Goswami said: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. And our friend was very happy.

You know, in our tradition there are certain miraculous elements. One is a magic cow. But her capacities, although very productive, are yet limited. How much milk does a good cow gives per day? A good cow will give 30 liters of milk per day. Thirty liters – it’s close to the maximum. But a kama-dhenu, a magic cow can give unlimited quantity of milk, how much you want! In that respect her capacity is unlimited. But she cannot give cappuccino, she can give only milk. So, in that respect she is limited. Then there is this philosopher’s stone. And what is the nature of this stone? It can convert iron into gold. It’s not that like the cow can produce more milk the stone can produce more iron – no, it can change the quality of the thing that it touches, from the iron it can create gold. But it cannot produce, let’s say, diamonds from iron. So, there is also a limitation.

But this is not the ultimate magic thing in our tradition. We have a magic tree also. This is kalpataru, or the wish-fulfilling tree. It is not that it will only produce milk and more milk, it’s not that it will convert one item into another; but it can fulfill your dreams, your desires. Whatever you want it can produce. So, if you are hungry and if you happen to sit under a wish-fulfilling tree and you say: ‘Oh, I am so hungry, maybe a nice breakfast should come!’, it will come. So, you can try. Sit under different trees. Your question is: how to recognize? If your breakfast comes, that was a wish-fulfilling tree. So, there is even less limitation for this tree. But this is also very insignificant compared to the magic power of the holy name. Because this is something divine that can make you fully satisfied. The point is not to become a faithful, or believer from a non-believer. This is not the big change. You need nor a kama-dhenu, nor a magic stone, nor a kalpatharu for that. It’s not a big thing. The big change is when from a general believer you become an ecstatic lover of God. That is the big change. And that is accomplished by this divine spiritual touchstone of the holy name. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.


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