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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from Vyasapuja lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.10.2016 morning, Ludashto) 

Initiation means three different things. You can initiate a person into a secret. But then it’s not a secret anymore because it’s widespread, right? So it’s not a secret anymore. Or you can initiate somebody into knowledge, into a science. And actually this is necessary, because it’s impossible to practice without acquiring the proper knowledge in that scientific field. While thirdly there is initiation into a mystic process, which will change our position and from simple outsiders we turn into practitioners. We become eligible. This is the initiation – you become eligible. So it doesn’t mean that you change your dress. No! You change the ideal that you are ready to dedicate your life to! This is the point. Therefore joining the circle of the devotees is a total upgrade of our life, just like a new birth, a new life.

I would like to invite Gurudev here. Associating with him was most of the time remarkable and challenging experience. We all know this hit parade song ‘Samsara’ – it’s vaishnavas’ billboard number one. But what is the meaning of the verses? That the grace of the spiritual master will extinguish the forest fire of material existence. That connects us automatically to the reality of the great ones. I still remember once in 1985 during the summer when Gurudev entered the room while we were taking prasadam. It is described in the fourth verse of ‘Samsara’ that a spiritual master derives great happiness observing devotees taking prasadam. And such divine bliss was on his face when he observed us taking prasadam there!

But what is the last verse? The last verse is about tri-sandhyam – the three occasions during the day when I should offer my respects and remember the grace of my master. Yet actually Gurudev had that special quality that not only three times per day we remember him, but after dozens of years after his departure we still remember him and he is still with us.

We have to start a long journey. We have to cross all the layers of this material existence to reach back to that divine harmonious plane where we belong. And on this path it’s so good to meet some well-wishers and helpers. Then we can go together, we can traverse this path together. I’d like to accept you as helpers on this long path crossing this universe and trying to reach back home, back to Godhead. And my offer is: let’s share this life of experience. Let’s share the services jointly. This is the best and this is the most that I can give.

We are greatly honored to greet here our god-brothers from other missions, representing their spiritual masters. I’d like to ask you to see me as an empty figure, so that you can recognize your respective masters sitting here. Because this is what unites us. And in that respect I’m also an observer of what’s going on. So please, take me as a brother, take me as someone who shares this experience with you.


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