Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The appearance day of Nityananda Prabhu is an auspicious moment because it reminds us that some savior has also entered our life, our consciousness. And this unites the devotees irrespective of their countries, of their lines, of their missions, because somehow everybody is under one banner and this banner is divine love. And we share the same faith that through the parampara, through the specific channel through which we are connected to divinity, we shall reach our final goal and destination.

Gurudev is an expansion of Nityananda. And His name reminds us the quality of a guru – nitya ananda – perfect and eternal happiness. Although the activities and the behavior of Nityananda Prabhu is little difficult to understand, but still we should worship this, because the essential part of Nityananda is represented by our master. He will give us the best. Like a candy. He will give this purification process like a candy.

We belong to the Mercy sampradaya. The Mercy sampradaya is an ever-growing chain of mercy. We expect thatKrishna is merciful. When Radharani is there, She makes the whole situation even more merciful. Then Their mercy is combined in Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and that condensed mercy is delivered to the audience by Nityananda, the original representative of guru. Our masters distribute the same mercy. So in one sense we can say that Gurudev is most merciful to introduce us to Nityananda and He will take us to Gаuranga, and then They will guide us to Radha Govinda.

But who is at the end of this chain? You are at the end of this chain. The vaishnava is the ultimate cup of mercy. That means: you should be the most merciful!

How to do that, how to understand that? Very easy. In one sense: bring people to the source, where you have taken your happiness. This is the best service. Then we can convey the mercy, which we have received, so that it reaches others. It is very simple. But also you can exercise this mercy in other ways. Sometimes even the merciful incarnation Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was rejecting or chastising some devotees due to some mistakes or some foul behavior. But what did the devotees do? They were trying and inventing methods how to pacify the Lord, how to bring the excluded, the excommunicated devotee back to the devotional circles.

Sometimes your Gurumaharaj will also chastise some of your brothers and sisters. Then what is your duty? If you belong to the Mercy Sampradaya, if you want to expand the mercy you have received from your masters, you have to help – to heal the wounds, to pacify the passions or to bring the devotees with difficulties back on stage. Then we can say that we belong to the Mercy Sampradaya. Then we can convey something that we have achieved, that we have got. If you give you will be given. If you divide you will be supplied.

Feel blessed to belong to this Mercy sampradaya. Because it can heal the wounds.

Now many times we are not glorifying each other enough, but after five hundred years only the beauty will remain, only the achievements will stay. We have to work for that – so that after five hundred years devotees should come together and glorify together and they can feel that somebody have worked for them also. Because we are working for the next generations. We are here not only for ourselves, not only for our fathers – our spiritual masters – but we are here for the next generations. They will chew what you will give to them. So, please, give them extraordinary prasadam.

Be blessed, be happy in your services, be committed to your practices, grow in dedication and… shine! Shine the happiness, the ananda of dedication, because this world is quite dark. We all need light.

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  1. Karunamayi d.d. Says:

    I wish we could remember these words all the time!
    “Be blessed, be happy in your services, be committed to your practices, grow in dedication and… shine! Shine the happiness, the ananda of dedication, because this world is quite dark. We all need light.”

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