Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question: You were talking about the heart, about listening to the heart. And I wanted to question you how to make the difference between listening to the heart and to the false ego? Sometimes the line is very thin.

Tirtha Maharaj: Without purification it will not work. Therefore the first step is: control yourself, go through the purification process. Just like the education; it starts in the kindergarten, it does not start in the university. But if you attend the university, but you have the mentality of a five year old kid, it will not work. So after some time we have to come to such a level of understanding ourselves that we should discriminate. When I speak because I am hurt; or when I can decide and stick to the truth, or at least to some little higher conception than my limited world. I think this is not really difficult. And we should be able to come to that platform when you can analyze yourself, when you can understand the instruction in a correct way, when the shastras will tell you something. When the shastras give you only doubts or more confusion, there is no use. We have to select for the best purpose. And as Shrila Sadhu Maharaj use to say: “Whatever poison you have, bring it to your spiritual master and give it to him, he will turn it into nectar”. Yes, that is true, but still, do not overburden your master.

So, sincerity. I think this is very much necessary. We have to be sincere – to ourselves, to others. We have to be able to analyze and we have to be able to open our hearts so that the truth might come. Because if we want to formulate the truth it will not work. But when it comes to you, then it will be obvious. If the sun is rising over the horizon, it is obvious, no second question. Maybe somebody does not want to see it, but what can we do? Because we are searching for experience also, right? Not only theories: “It is written in the books, but I do not know anything about it.” We need a direct contact. And if you are connected to Krishna, if you are really connected to the essence of the teachings of your master, practically you cannot commit a real mistake – if you are honest. Because divinity means purity, absolute purity. And if you come in contact with that you will be also purified, irrespective of your resistance.

But of course we should not use it as an excuse: “I am connected, I know, I see…” because this is false. But the real thing will be revealed to the sincere heart. I am sure. By the blessings of Lord Nityananda even the impossible becomes possible. And the definite proof that miracles do exist is that we are sitting here now. That means that this divine principle of mercy has no limitations. It is said that philosophy will not go to the slums. But mercy will go. Because mercy comes for the fallen guys, not for those, who are already saved.

So be proud that you have received this mercy. Ultimately in the long run this is our hope. And if you look back, you will feel, you will understand how fortunate you are.

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