Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

 (continues from the previous Monday)

In the shastras it is said: we have to know that, by which everything is known; we have to get that, by which we have got everything.

This is the lifestyle of the saints. But you are mostly like family men and women here. So try to embrace the mood of saints, the mood of those, who has renounced everything, but do your duty nice.

Therefore if you don’t possess anything, that means you are wealthy. You are the wealthiest on this planet earth. This is the lifestyle of the saints – therefore people admire this. They understand that “I cannot do, I cannot act like him, therefore I will try to help in some way.” This is very much included in the Indian way of thinking and Indian way of life – that people are ready to help missions and they go to temples, they are ready to give some help.

Once there was a story: an Indian couple wanted to visit a temple. In that temple there was another pilgrim saint visiting. So, they went there, they prepared themselves: “Ah, we shall bring some little rice, we shall bring some little fruits, we shall bring some little ghee to this ascetic, because he is a mendicant, he is a renounced man, so maybe he needs some support, this is good for us to bring something to him.” So, they were preparing themselves. Later the lady was doing some service in the temple and the husband was discussing with this mendicant. He was very happy, because he got some good instruction. And finally the time was up and they had to go and started to collect their things. But the lady told the husband: “What we have brought – the rice, the ghee, the fruits – shouldn’t we give to this ascetic mendicant?” And the husband concluded: “Ah, I was discussing with him, he is really renounced, he doesn’t need anything.” And they went off with their gifts.

So what to say! Kali-yuga is expanding, working very hard on the mind of people. Do not forget, Krishna is not making business of your dedication. But we have to do something, this is good for us if we express something.


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