Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

“This time, please, Radhanath, You accept me! O my Lord, after I have been wandering in so many wombs of mothers, finally I have taken the shelter of You. Bahu yoni – through many wombs – bhrami – I have been wandering here and there.” Different species are there for learning, to get more and more experience. And you know, there are so many levels of existence. Just like when we arrived yesterday, driving in a big car, you just park your car in front of the house, and then an old lady is coming and searching in the garbage. We both are humans, but what is the level of our existence? She is living just like a parivrajak acharya[1]. Wait, she is living just like a parivrajak; maybe the acharya is missing. What is the difference between such a homeless person here and in India? Difference of the level of consciousness. Because usually people have very limited consciousness, but in India if you live in poverty intentionally, as a spiritual practice, then this is a way of salvation.

So, these different levels of existence are there for taking the experience. When we are in need we are very much able to appreciate any help. When we are not in need, we are very much ready not to give help. We should invite the mentality of people in need; they have this ability to appreciate.

But this poverty-stricken human existence is not the end, it is not the bottom line. For example if you go to Vrindavana, you will see different species gathering in the holy place. Ninety-nine percent of the people living there are materialists – they say, I cannot judge, but they say that very, very many come for material reasons. Because Vrindavana is covered with very thin covering of matter, but most of the people live on that thin covering. Few can go deeper. There you can see people running after you to give you blessings – in exchange of your clothes or some money or some donation: “Haribol! I want to give you some blessings!” only for money… There are beautiful characters also. A simple person, merchant, but with deep realizations. Of course his business is selling japa-malas, he has a japa-mala store in Vrindavana, so naturally there are nice realizations.

Yet again this is not the bottom, because there are animals also in Vrindavana. They have very beautiful, nice and charming animals like the parrots, who are always talking about Radha-Krishna lila, Shuka and Shari, he and she-parrot. And everybody likes these jewel-like animals, flying and green like anything, with red beaks – everybody is charmed. But there are the monkeys also and sometimes they give much trouble. When you buy some banana for yourself in the market: “Hey, I am so hungry, I will buy some banana and have a good lunch,” then they come and snatch all your bananas. What more: they even snatch your glasses! Therefore Indian people have a very strange security system: they bind the glasses with a piece of cloth and fix it around the head. This is a natural sport for the monkeys – to steal the glasses. They enjoy it very much! But do not be afraid, because they are very clever. They do not want to use it, they want to give it back – in exchange for something. So, when the monkey have stolen your glasses, immediately run to the market and get some peanuts. Peanuts are sold in little packets, made from newspapers. Then you throw it up! Monkey is sitting on the top of the electric cables, sometimes messing them, but now it holds your classes, right?! You have to throw the peanuts in order that it throws the glasses to get the peanuts. This is their exchange; they know what they are doing. It is your turn to get it! So sometimes they give troubles, even they bite humans. Still everybody accepts and appreciates, sometimes even loves the monkeys.

But there are hogs. And you know, the canalization system in Vrindavana is very special – some Middle Age system: open canalization. So all the stuff is just running on the streets, sometimes black like anything! And the hogs are just jumping inside this and eat up all the stuff that is coming to them. This is their business. When you go to a holy place this is a very good type of meditation – not to take your second birth as a hog in Vrindavana. Because the direction is good – a holy place. But the level of consciousness is a little bit low. Of course, who knows what level of consciousness a hog in Vrindavana might have! Still the practice is a little bit disgusting.

So, we should be very careful about our human existence and wherever we can we should try to help a little bit. Because in this way we help others and we help ourselves also.

“I have been wandering through so many species of life, I have been a dog, I have been a hog, I have been a wandering person, walking all around… but this time, please, accept me as Your servant. Take me in Your family, for finally now I have found Your shelter. Please, by Your divine mercy, liberate this wretched soul!”

[1] travelling preacher of God consciousness

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