Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Monday)

So, everybody was happy to receive the fruits coming from mother Yashoda, coming from Krishna. And, as we understood, something happened to the fruit seller lady. She was mesmerized. She could not move. Somebody had to remind her duty. And finally she came to her senses and said: “Ah, my mission is accomplished. I can go home.” She was like an acrobat, ready to balance a basket on her head. But half-way going home she felt it was very heavy. And the empty basket was full of precious stones. So what does it mean? If you give the fruits of your actions to Krishna, then you will be remunerated unlimitedly. At the first sight maybe you see only the few drops of grain. Very little. ‘I have given You so much and You have given me so little!’ – you might complain to God. But wait a little! Go half way back home, back to Godhead and there you will see that your empty basket is filled up.

But did she have any need for that – no. She threw everything into the Yamuna. And sometimes Yamuna acts in very unexpected ways. This is the river of Vrindavana. And you know one of the main bazaars, the Loi Bazar is quite far from the Yamuna. But it is said every twelve years the Yamuna comes and visits the Loi Bazar in a flood. And then she brings all the stuff that is hidden on her bottom.

Yamuna: You mean the mud?

Swami Tirtha: Mud and all the other things. If there is only mud there, she will bring the mud, but if there are precious stones, she will bring that also. You might think: ‘Ah, legends!’ But it’s proven. Once I was strolling on the banks of the Yamuna and I was just watching the parikram-marga[1], looking down and what did I see? One piece of precious stone. So, it’s not a legend. The precious stones are there. So, be ready!

But unfortunately from this you can see my fallen condition. Our fruit seller lady was ready to throw everything into the Yamuna, while I had the tendency to collect these stones. But I have one excuse – that I remembered all these stories. And since that time that stone is very precious for me. It reminds me that the legends are true.

So, all your desires can be fulfilled by Krishna. And I wish that your search for the absolute truth should be fulfilled. This is the way to pay our debts. And by remembering the great ones in our tradition, by their blessings we can achieve our goals.

Question of Premananda: Gurudev, I would like to ask, when Krishna becomes charmed Himself by the tinkling of His bells what happens to everybody in Vrindavan?

Swami Tirtha: You can imagine! Certain things we don’t understand. But actually this is not necessary to understand the truth, better we worship and serve the truth. This is the way to understand higher things – by appreciation and by service.



(to be continued)



[1] Pilgrimage road


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