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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 09.01.2016 morning, Sofia)

In order to be receptive, fine tuned to receive a higher type of spiritual message, we need a certain pre-purification. Ultimately everything is a question of resonance – whether we are able to perceive this very delicate spiritual presence of the Supreme, whether we can perceive the divine, whether we can generate such a wavelength, so to say, just to be connected to the divine reality. Therefore sound vibration by the resonance of the body-mind structure, and also the fine, delicate resonance of the heart and soul connect us to a very high, very real layer of reality. Don’t forget about this principle. Whatever you say, whatever you think will have a certain effect on your system. And we should not stop with action-reaction, but we need the third step also, which is perfection.

Today we continue our readings from the Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu: “These four types of devotees have been described in the Seventh Chapter of the Gita and they all have been accepted as pious. Without being pious nobody can come to a higher platform, to devotional service. It is explained in the Bhagavad Gita that only one who has continuously executed pious activities and whose sinful reactions in life have completely stopped can take to Krishna consciousness. The neophyte devotees are classified into these four groups – the distressed, those in need of money, the inquisitive and the wise – according to the gradations of their pious activities. Without pious activities, if a man is in a distressed condition, he becomes an agnostic, a communist or something like that. Because he does not firmly believe in God he thinks that he can adjust his distressed disposition by totally disbelieving  in Him.”[1]

Agnosticism is just like another diseased condition of the present age. So, according to the level of pious activities we are classified. And don’t forget, in the material world all actions are covered with some mistake. It is said in the Gita that they’re covered like smoke covers the fire, or like baby is covered by mother’s womb, or like dust covers the mirror. Always some shortcomings, some mistakes cover our activities, our consciousness. Therefore a certain process of purification is necessary. We have to remove the dirt from the mirror of the heart. Then you can see properly. The smoke will always cover the flames to some extent, especially when it is wet – then more smoke comes than fire. The fire serves while the smoke only disturbs. So even in some good activities, if there are some negative consequences, we have to discriminate between the two. Some part of your activities might help, but there is a part of your activities that will give more disturbances. Yet the purity of the mirror is hidden under the very thin layer of dust – it’s very close to the original, right? If there is a fire, there is always some smoke, it’s a natural consequence; and from the smoke we can understand there is fire. The most hopeless is the case of the baby in the womb, because there the spark of consciousness is hidden very much. Therefore we have to be careful about our activities – how to act properly, so that less dust, less smoke and less layers of coverings are there.

And if we don’t have firm faith, then we might give up faith totally. Then you become an agnostic. Agnostic is a so to say scientific disbeliever. Or you become a communist. Communist is an even non-scientific disbeliever. They miss the main point – the mystic point in life. Because with any type of material activities you cannot correct the material mistakes. Rather we create more troubles. Of course I don’t say: don’t act, because if you don’t act, there is no reaction. It is said in the Gita[2] that simply by refraining from activity you cannot achieve perfection. A piece of stone is very inactive, yet it is not a spiritual authority. Except if it is coming from some special places, but that’s a different case.

Therefore we have to learn how to act properly, how to think properly, how to speak properly – so that all the different fields of our existence are connected, harmonized with the divine principles. And the language of this harmony is pious life. What can we expect from the divine reality if we lead a very impious life?

(to be continued) 

[1] Nectar of devotion, Chapter 3

[2] Bhagavad Gita 3.4


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