Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We should find the platform were we can all agree. We should find the plane where we can be united. This world is separated by names and forms. Therefore this is also the key to be united – the name and the form. So if we are united in the Holy Name and if we are united in front of the Divine Form, then we shall be very fortunate.

On celebrations people lose their control and they think that this is happiness. We should live in permanent celebration. If we do our spiritual practices, we can lose all our controls, still we should come to much higher platform of spiritual cultivation and satisfaction than what is usually done by others. Because if you observe the happiness of a person, you will understand that person. According to the gunas, according to the influences of material nature our happiness is diverse. What is happiness on the lower platform is practically impossible tо understand on a higher platform. And the other way round. If somebody has very simple understanding about life, for him it is practically mind-blowing that people come together and chant God’s names and they derive some spiritual happiness from this – this is impossible! Still this should be the platform where we are united irrespective of creed, religion, gender or whatever. Because if we call out God by the name and if we meditate and if we worship the Supreme by the name – this is the general and best practice.

Krishna’s invitation is resounding. Even the material world is created by sound vibration. So the origin is sound; the way back is also sound. What is the first mantra in “Shrimad-bhagavatam”? This is the invocation, so to say: om namo bhagavate vasudevaya. So the first sound is om. And the first shloka is satyam param dhimahi – “Let us meditate on satyam param, on the absolute truth.” And what is the last verse of “Shrimad-bhagavatam”? The last verse is glorifying the holy name of God: that kali-yuga is full of mistakes, but the holy name can eliminate all the mistakes. So we can say that these eighteen thousand verses are about the inner communication. Invitation: come, join our meditation on the absolute truth. And the ultimate advice: chant the holy names!

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