Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The prayers in the beginning of “Bhagavad-gita” are very significant. Why? Because it starts with the prayer to the spiritual master: om agyana timirandhasya… “I was born in darkest ignorance, but my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torchlight of knowledge.” To give the diagnosis – “I was born in illusion, in the darkest ignorance. But my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torchlight of knowledge.” Actually this mantra comes from vaishnava tantras and tantra means “practice” or “collection of practical advices. So this act of prayer and being connected to the high ones will result in a big change, a big shift of our mentality from ignorance into knowledge. Do you need some energy for that transformation? We need a lot of energy for that. Because without outside energy practically it is impossible to achieve the standard of divine knowledge. Although all the secrets are written in the hearts of people, still the conditions are so strong that to remove the conditions, to remove the veil of illusion is practically impossible without external help. Therefore for this transformation we need this blessed energy. Then from the darkness we can come to the light.

But in our spiritual practice we are trained to take a special type of energy in the form of foodstuffs. We select our foodstuffs. Many of us were following the course of acharya-ji Jugala Kishor Prabhu, I am only praying for his prasadam. And we have learned that not all types of foodstuffs are beneficial for spiritual practice, but certain. In the same way, not all type of knowledge is favorable for your spiritual practices, but special one. So we should be very careful about the intake of knowledge. Because as we have said many times, this is not the information, this is the transformation.

And then, when the transformation has changed, again I have to do something – this is to offer my respects. Actually this is the price we have to pay. Is that much to bow your head a little bit? A little bit… It is not much. But don’t think that you can buyKrishnaby little nodding your heads. It is not that cheep.

So, be very careful about the source of your knowledge. And be very grateful to God to provide you the foodstuff, the water, the air and the knowledge. I think here you have very special good water, right? When you are travelling in a distant country, you have to take the water of that country and then you return toBulgariaand again you take this “Devin” water, or what else – “Gorna Banya” water, then what is your feeling?

Kripadham: We feel at home.

Tirtha Maharaj: Correct! We feel at home. Why? Because we are conditioned by the taste. Actually, we are desperately searching for the taste. The home taste. Because you have been taking this water from very early lifetime, from your childhood. And this is not only the water, but this is the spirit of the water that you take. And that will have an effect on your whole structure – body and consciousness, everything. Therefore when you meet that taste again, it is not only the taste, but the whole effect on you. Therefore you will feel at home – yes, this is the original taste. Then you will feel: I am not in a foreign land, I am at home. In the same way we are searching for the original rasa, adi-rasa. Because your soul belongs to a different, higher world. Where there are also foodstuffs, water and thoughts. Feelings also. So whenever you will reach that home, immediately by the taste you will recognize: yes, now I feel at home!

But what to do until we are still here in this temporary home? What to do?

Dani: To search for the other one.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, correct. But for example you can offer your food. Because in this way this will be not some relative food coming from material world, but if it is accepted by Krishna, it will be His foodstuff. That is the special taste of prasadam. We all know the ingredients; it’s not the salt, something else. When He is accepting, then the special taste will come. In the same way with water. He says: “I am the taste of water.”[1] And also the thoughts, the ideas. If you offer the ideas as sacrifice, then they will represent the divine realm. Especially if your thoughts and offerings are accepted by Krishna. In this way we can taste the original, first taste, adi-rasa. That means, we take prasadam. Because He is providing the foodstuffs on any platform.

Practically all of you here are fathers and mothers, or future fathers and mothers. When the kids are small, usually you don’t have big problems. Small kids, small problem; big kid, big problem. So be prepared. Because time will come, when your sons and daughters will be cleverer – at least, they will feel – cleverer than you. And they will fight for their freedoms. And in a desperate moment father will ask: “Whose bread you are eating, my dear one?!” This is your ultimate try to control the kid. Because we know, if somebody pays the bill, if somebody pays the bread, you have to obey that person. Until we are young we do not understand this principle. Until you eat the bread, you don’t understand this. As soon as you finance the bread, you will understand this.

In the same way our Supreme Lord finances you in every possible way. He is paying your bills, He is growing the wheat. So please, obey Him, because this is nice. In this way we should be always connected to Him. So eat the prasadam, drink the offered water, take the best thoughts and teachings – in this way you can absorb the divine mentality.

[1] “Bhagavad-gita”7.8

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