Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Yamuna: Maharaj, once I asked a question to Gurudev[1], to which he did not answered me…

Tirtha Maharaj: So, you expect me to answer?!

Yamuna: I am just sharing the question, I do not expect you to answer. The question was: “Gurudev, how do you say the things that you are saying?!” And some years ago I was at Gurudev’s library and I was running through the books and I saw that with very tiny letters in the fields he was taking notes and making cross-references… like a network! And I thought: “Ah my God! If Gurudev was preparing like this on shastras, what should I do?!”

Tirtha Maharaj: Worship! Because Bhakti is not simply an intellectual understanding, but a change of heart. And sometimes intellect is a great obstacle in the spiritual progress. Because there are two ways: one is of the brain, the other is of the heart. And there is a special type of meditation, this is called “the twin-heart” meditation. But “the twin-heart” meditation is not trying to find your twin partner on the outside and then meditate together. No, you should find your own twin inside. Actually this means to connect the heart and the brain. To influence the heart a little bit by the brain and to surcharge the brain with the heart. So this is this inner connection. This is not a pseudo-spiritual schizophrenia, but to join a good brain with a good heart.

And we all know, ultimate things we see with the heart. So, do not forget to cultivate on that. What is this heart vision? Heart vision is trust. We should trust what we are doing. We should trust our masters. We should trust our God. And we should trust a little bit ourselves also: “Yes, I will be able to do it! Not by myself, by the mercy.”

So, have the heart vision! This is the ultimate way to understand anything.

You know, once Sadhu Maharaj was visiting us. There was an occasion, a public lecture, and it was given the topic: “Vedanta-sutra”. So, we invited him to give the lecture on “Vedanta-sutra”. And while we were travelling he asked: “Can you read something from this “Vedanta-sutra”? And after half a page he said: “Stop! Enough of that.” That was a little too theoretical for him. And then he started to give a lecture on some rasik flow on dedication to Shri Guru, and “my master is like this” and “chanting the Holy Name is like that”…  Because what is the conclusion of “Vedanta-sutra”? “Those who achieve perfection will never return.” Those who achieve will never return. Very simple. This is the conclusion! If we understand this one little verse, we do not have to go through these 555 verses. Those who achieve will never return. If you remember this one little verse, you can be a master of “Vedanta-sutra”. And if somebody is trying to, you know, test you: “Have you studied the “Vedanta-sutram”? If you say: “Yes! Those who reach will never return,” you will impress the guy, I tell you.

But this reaching is possible by faith. This reaching is possible by the heart vision. This is possible by the trust that we give to Krishna.

Question: What can be said about the fallen angel in this interpretation? Because he knew, and still had fallen…

Tirtha Maharaj: The fallen angel is us. You know, life and the different layers of the universe are just like a tall building, a skyscraper. Let us say, it has got some hundred floors. To climb the stairs is very heavy job, so therefore the clever guys take the elevator. And in a huge building there are many elevators. So, if you meet the other elevator on the fiftieth floor, pay attention to the direction: who is moving upwards and who is going downwards. Maybe the same level, but one might be an ascending devil and the other might be a falling angel. Same floor, different direction. Take care which elevator you take.

But basically we can say that the fallen angel is us. Therefore I say: grow your wings! Make your wings grow! Just remove your overcoat. Fly!

[1] B.A.Narayan Maharaj

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