Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 27 of May 2006, Sofia)
It’s a big question – whether we can understand what’s happening in a pure devotee’s heart, what’s happening in Krishna’s heart.
Let’s examine first the pure devotee’s heart. What’s happening there? The heart is throbbing. But this is not a simple biological function, but for a pure devotee this rhythm is the rhythm of the rasa dance. So what is happening in the heart of a pure devotee? Worship of Krishna. Irrespective of the other bodily functions. May be he is eating, or sleeping, or giving a lecture, or discussing with others, or whatever… Still in the heart something else is happening. This is real schizoid situation. One life in the heart, the other life on the manifest platform. Usually in the material world they want to cure schizophrenia. But not this type.
And what is happening in Krishna’s heart? In Krishna’s heart there are His most beloved servants. The devotees! “The surrendered souls – they are always with Me and I am always with them.” And the most precious things – as you preserve in your hearts, in the deepest recess of your hearts – Krishna is the same: capturing and preserving and nourishing the devotees in His heart. Just check out that picture. How they are positioned? On the left side of Krishna there is Radha. Why on the left side? Because the heart is there. So Krishna keeps Radhika close to the heart. “If she is outside – on my left side. If she is not there – in the left side of the body, in the heart.”
So this is happening in Krishna’s heart. He is keeping – or searching for – his pure devotees, inviting them. Therefore we should treat the devotees very nice. Because if you hurt one devotee, then you give pain to Krishna’s heart. And He cannot really tolerate that. If you give trouble to Him personally, Krishna can tolerate – He don’t take it serious. He is even ready to serve you, what to speak of tolerating some nonsense from you. But if we hurt those, who are important for Krishna – it’s very difficult for Him to tolerate. Same way with you. People can hurt and attack you personally; but if they attack your beloved, then you bite.

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