Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Krishna says “I am the ability in man.” Which is something very important for me. I will tell you why. Because here, in Sofia, among the devotees I have found so many talented people. Singing, dancing, playing, drawing, painting – so many talents are there. And so many other talents you have. And in your talents I worship Krishna. You should also worship Him with your talents. Whatever you can perform, this is not yours actually. We only possess the ability, but finally it is coming from a divine source, Krishna. Therefore it is given by Him, it should be used by you and offered back to Him. Just like when you want to worship mother Ganga. You take some water, offer to the river and pour it back. In the same way you have got so many talents from God; use it, offer it back to Him. “I am the ability in man” – think about this message. From this we can understand that we should act. Not only think. “I’m so absorbed in my meditation on Krishna, that I am unable to do anything.” So with our active service mood we can also express our gratitude for the many talents that He had given to us.

Question of Yashoda: Krishna gives many talents. But sometimes it happens that He takes them back. And this is how a person gets into the so called artistic crisis. My question is how to deal with this situation, how to get out? Maybe Krishna is giving a lesson of humility?

Tirtha Maharaj: Also. Sometimes we commit mistakes and then Krishna takes the ability. For example, what is the basic problem? This is pride. And it works in very simple things. Once a devotee mentioned that: “Ah, I can bake the best bread.” Immediately the ability was taken. Only very disgusting things came out from the oven. So whenever we think: “Ah, now I am great!” then Vishnu in Vaikuntha says: “What?! I did not hear correct.” Then He starts to teach you the lesson. But when we have learned the lesson, when we have taken the exam, then He gives it back multiplied. Before that you were a cook; now you became a super-cook.

Crises are good, very good. Because in the moments of crisis you can appreciate the moments of happiness. And who is the protector of the creative power? That is Radhika. Balaram is the productive power and Radhika is the creative power. So if you are in need, you just pray to the source. Radhe!

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