Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Prana Krishna: I would like Gurudev to say a few words why after the meditation one feels renewed with the inflow of energy?

Tirtha Maharaj: Why? What is your good name? Prana Krishna. So in meditation what we do? You sit straightforward, right? And if you examine a person sitting in this yoga posture, what is the shape? Shape is a pyramid. And the pyramid is so stabile, that it stands there for three thousand years in Egypt. This is practically the most stabile geometrical form. And at the golden section in the big pyramid there is the chamber. They think that this is for preserving the dead bodies, but actually this is for initiation. Because much energy can be focused on that golden section – it is about 2/3 – 1/3. And then you focus your attention. Where do we focus our attention? You look up between your brows. You focus on the third eye and you just feel the divine energy, life force streaming in. So you can infuse prana into your body. Feel the life force streaming in. If you get more prana you will be refreshed. We inhale prana in a physical plus mystical sense and we exhale carbon dioxide plus all the negative feelings, tendencies and whatever garbage we have got – we give it out. If you create order in your room, you will feel better. If you clean your system, you will feel better. Less poison is there. You give out the poison and you take in the nectar with every breath. So our construction of the pyramid is focused in the third eye and you bring more energy here.

This about the first part of your name, Prana. But where is the golden section of the human pyramid? Maybe the heart chakra? Possible. Whom we should invite into our heart chakra? Maybe the second part of your name. This is why you feel refreshed after your meditation. Because you take in prana and you inviteKrishna.Krishna is like the sun and illusion is like the darkness. Wherever there is the sun there is no power of darkness.

Prana Krishna: Thank you, Gurudev, for the wonderful answer. I would not expect for a better one. And if I can add something more for you to comment. During the dream only the body is sleeping. The mind is not sleeping; it classifies, analyses, creating illusions… And during the meditation, besides that the body is not spending energy, the vrittis of the mind are calmed down. It is only the idea of the Lord existing. From here everything that you explained stems.

Tirtha Maharaj: Chitta-vritti nirudha – Patanjali defines yoga as “to stop all the whirlpools of the mind”. Therefore we need a certain peace of mind, no running here and there. Then the higher functions can manifest. It is very correct what you said: while you are awake your energy goes out, your senses look outwards. When you are in a dream, senses go inwards, therefore the mind functions very much. But in a third stage, meditation, senses do not go out, senses do not go in. There is no function. Only purity and equilibrium in order to be open for the higher truth to manifest. Therefore we need fixed asana, which you can keep for a long time.

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