Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.06.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

We all know that one main meaning of Krishna’s name is attractive power, all-attractive. Nevertheless the first syllable ‘krish’ means existence, reality, life in general. While ‘na’ at the end means bliss, anandam. In this way we can say that krish-na, reality and bliss, is like the bliss of life, the bliss of existence, the happy life, or the never-ending happiness. So we can say that even happiness about ourselves comes from God, because we are part of that beautiful superior spiritual energy. As we discussed, we share some divine qualities.

Some people have a material conception about Krishna – that He is like a solar hero or an amalgamation of different personalities, and so many others… But actually Krishna is a very high and we can say the original conception of divinity. Therefore Shrila Shridhara Maharaj says that beyond all the religious conceptions we have to come to the Krishna concept of divinity. This is something very important, please remember: the Krishna conception of divinity. This feature is including all other possible aspects of divinity.

Usually we expect certain features from God. But as we discussed, in Krishna we find four unique extra qualities that we can never find in anybody else. Krishna’s form is very beautiful. His skin is dark – bluish or blackish. Another meaning of the word ‘krishna’ is ‘black, dark’. And also He’s got a peacock feather in the hair as an ultimate decoration. It also reminds Him and reminds us of His guru in dancing – because His guru in dancing is the peacock. Therefore He wears a peacock feather always on His head, because He’s the God of dancing. And He’s got a very special sign – this is the flute that we discussed recently. From the flute you can understand that this is Krishna. And His form is tribhanga – bending in three places, curved. Therefore it’s so difficult to forget Him. He is like a nail, yet a special nail. If a nail is very straight, you can easily drive it in the wood and you can easily draw it out. But if the nail is bended, curved – you cannot remove it. Therefore Krishna is in a bending form – once He entered our heart, it’s almost impossible to remove. And He looks like a human – therefore he is more attractive for the humans. Maybe if He wants to attract the butterflies, He comes in a butterfly form. But as He wants to preach to the human beings, He comes in a human form – His original human form.

(to be continued)

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