Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Arjuna says to Krishna in “Bhagavad Gita”: “By Your mercy my illusion is gone.” Not “by my efforts” – because Arjuna was trying to do EVERYTHING from his side to escape Krishna’s desires and will. But that was not enough. Krishna was more tricky and giving in such a way the knowledge, the understanding that finally Arjuna had no escape. Just like when the cat and the mouse are playing; it’s obvious that cat will win. But sometimes he gives the mouse a little chance to move, to think that he can escape. Did you watch how it is happening? It’s a cruel game. Taking into the mouth, chewing a little bit, then spitting out… And then the small mouse is just trying to hide and run a little bit, whole wet, trembling and thinking: “O, may be I could hide…” But finally – finished.

So in the same way Krishna gives a little chance for Arjuna to think that he can escape – but in such a way that there is no escape. Just like when He says: “Now I have revealed to you everything. Act as you like.” What kind of freedom is that? He has no freedom, Arjuna has no freedom – he must act according to the desire of Krishna.

And this is the process of surrender. Just like guru; he gives you all the freedom: “O my dear son, my dear daughter, you can do whatever you like.” But he is giving such a nice arrangement, that there is no way out. Just imagine when you got the message from your spiritual master: “Listen, although we have a door, it is ever open; ever open to come, ever open to go. You can go any time! You have full freedom to live your life separate.” Can you go in such a moment?! No; we close the door behind us – but we are inside!

So when we get the so called “freedom” – then we are on the hook. No way out. And actually this is mercy. “By Your mercy my illusion is gone. I have regained my memory by Your mercy. Now I am free from doubts.”

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