Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.05.2017 evening, Rila)

(continues from the previous Friday)

 “Due to attachment for the deer, Maharaja Bharata lay down with it, walked about with it, bathed with it and even ate with it. Thus his heart became bound to the deer in affection. When Maharaja Bharata wanted to enter the forest to collect kusha grass, flowers, wood, leaves, fruits, roots and water, he would fear that dogs, jackals, tigers and other ferocious animals might kill the deer. He would therefore always take the deer with him when entering the forest. When entering the forest, the animal would appear very attractive to Maharaja Bharata due to its childish behavior. Maharaja Bharata would even take the deer on his shoulders and carry it due to affection. His heart was so filled with great love for the deer that he would sometimes keep it on his lap or, when sleeping, on his chest. In this way he felt great pleasure in fondling the animal. When Maharaja Bharata was actually worshiping the Lord or was engaged in some ritualistic ceremony, although his activities were unfinished, he would still, at intervals, get up and see where the deer was. In this way he would look for it, and when he could see that the deer was comfortably situated, his mind and heart would be very satisfied, and he would bestow his blessings upon the deer, saying, “My dear calf, may you be happy in all respects.” If Bharata Maharaja sometimes could not see the deer, his mind would be very agitated. He would become like a miser, who, having obtained some riches, had lost them and had then become very unhappy. When the deer was gone, he would be filled with anxiety and would lament due to separation. Thus he would become illusioned and speak as follows.”[1]

It’s so human; this is us, the story is about us. I think it describes human relationships very precisely. When we don’t see our beloved ones, we are full of anxiety. When you understand that they are safe, you are also peaceful. Although we are very fragile. Isn’t it? A small little infection comes and your peace and your power and everything is just gone – you suffer like anything. In the same way, the safety of our beloved ones is a kind of illusion. Because we are all exposed to the uncertain events coming at any moment. And you, as practicing mothers and fathers, I think you all know how many nights you didn’t sleep for the safety and the health of your children. Because this is natural! We are agitated if something is wrong. And we are very happy if everything is safe. Although the feeling of safety and the feeling of insecurity are the same – illusion. It’s not really real. Very fragile. I think at least on that point we can agree, it’s very fragile – any moment it can change.


(to be continued)


[1] Shrimad Bhagavatam 5.8.11-15

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