Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

”O Brahma, just follow this conclusion by fixed concentration of mind, and no pride will disturb you, neither in the partial nor in the final devastation.”[1]

Here it is mentioned: ”final and partial destruction of the universe.” Many people expect this universal destruction, right? You must have heard about this approaching period, 2012, when we expect some great disorder in life as if in 2008, 2009 or whichever year you pick there is no disturbance. Usually people pick one time, stick to it and tremble.

Of course the material world is always in a transition. From bad it goes to worse. This is a historical sinking ship. We cannot expect too much from Kali-yuga, material world. But from a sinking ship you can jump into the ocean! On one side this is the material ocean, on the other side this is the ocean of nectar. Choose on which side to jump.

Other religions and traditions usually speak about one general destruction of the world. But as our tradition and spiritual science is very elaborate on the process of creation, in the same way it is very elaborate on destruction of the world. So for those, who believe in this cosmic destruction bhakti-yoga would be the best option. Because in other places they have only one cosmic destruction, we have four types. This is an upgrade of cosmic destruction. Do you know these four types of cosmic destruction? All right, what is mentioned here? The partial and the full destruction. So, from this we can know that at least there are two – the partial and the full. What is the partial? It is said that at the end of Brahma’s day some certain levels and regions of the cosmic structure are just destroyed. One day of Brahma is long enough, but whenever night comes up to a certain level of the structure there is some disorder. Again this shows that practically the whole body of religion is based on light mysticism. When there is light there is life; when there is darkness there is destruction. And you know, Brahma’s life is passing like our life – days and nights. And certain levels of destruction and reconstruction are happen also. But then Brahma’s life will also come to an end. How long Brahma is living? Hundred of his years. It is long, long, it is very long. But after his period of life, the whole universal construction is reduced to elementary state, back to unity form. Therefore it is called either final, or elementary destruction. So you see these two periods – one is shorter destruction and construction, and the other is a kind of final, ultimate decomposition of matter.

What are the two extra? There are two extra. Can you imagine anything beyond this? What kind of destruction can happen beyond this? Any ideas? Then I help, if you do not mind. There is a permanent destruction of the world and there is a private end of the world, we can say like that. Permanent? In a manifest state it is existing; how can we talk about permanent destruction? Permanent end of the world – it means this coming and going of the living entities, birth and death. By nature this world is impermanent – everything is changing, moving. So this coming and passing of the living entities – this is the permanent destruction of the world. All right – there is a partial, there is an ultimate, there is a permanent, and there is a private. What does it mean? This is when you leave from this universe. Then this whole material life becomes like a dream.

When a person achieves liberation, he can leave behind this world completely, fully. You are not effected, not touched – neither by creation, nor by destruction. ThereforeKrishnasays: “Attach yourself, attach your attention to the instructions, keep the instructions and then you will be never disturbed – neither by the pride of being the creator, nor by the fear of the destruction of the world.”

[1] “Shrimad-bhagavatam” 2.9.37

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