Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous issue)

One special quality of Krishna is His beauty. He is so nice that we cannot imagine. Then the second special feature of Krishna is His pastimes. And then His entourage, His devotees. And Krishna is always described with a flute – this is the fourth special feature of Krishna, the ultimate. From this we can understand that this Krishna concept of Godhead is the form of beauty. He is the greatest lover. Or we can say that He is the Lord of divine happiness. Rasaraj – He is the king of rasa. Rasa is the happiness between the soul and the Supreme. So if you ask: why Krishna? This is the reason. Because He is the God of love, divine love.

Of course, we have to and we want to respect all divine personalities on this scale, so to say. But if you enter this tradition of Krishna faith, then you will find the unlimited depth of divine feelings, spiritual feelings.

In one sense we can say that this is a choice of a person – what kind of divine personality he will worship. But if we examine what is the greatest power in the universe – and I think we can agree that this is the power of love, affection – then, if we are connected, if we are searching for the God of this beautiful, creative, maintaining loving power, then this is Krishna-bhakti.

So either we start from theoretical investigation, or you simply like the devotees of Krishna, or you taste the prasadam, you will be convinced.

Shrila Shridhara Maharaj says: “the Krishna conception of Godhead”. God, or divinity, is a general name. This is something beyond material limitations; the divine light is beyond matter. But it is so high and so powerful, that it makes us blind, therefore we think that there is no origin of that bright light, only the light. But there is an origin. So if we go further, we shall find all the layers and gradations of divinity. And then, from this general but hazy view of energy or something incomprehensible, we shall be able to focus more and more on the personal aspect of the Supreme. And when we understand that God is personal, then this whole picture is much more clear. And the special lila, the special pastimes of Krishna are so charming, that we want to enter those pastimes. So therefore – Krishna! Because He is all-attractive; not only attractive for some, He is attractive for all.

Question of Paramananda: I just wanted to add something to this question: why Radha?

Tirtha Maharaj: For Радостта (the joy).

Question of Yamuna: How can we be sure that there is nobody else who has more than these sixty-four qualities?

Tirtha Maharaj: Search! If you find something more, tell me.


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