Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Monday)


Let’s jump to the third point. You are not the center of the universe. Is that true? We don’t know, we think it is not true. Well, objectively speaking this is true, but subjectively speaking this is not true. ‘I am the center of my life!’ Because the human being, or the soul that is inside the human being, is one very important component of this whole existence. There are only three factors existing here: one is us; the second is the world around us, the environment, the universe; and the third one is the mastermind who controls both. So this is like a triangle. You are in one corner, the other corner is the material sphere and the corner above this is the divine principle, divinity, God. And we have to find our way, our place and our goals in this system.

So, in one sense we are the center of the universe, because your life is very important for you. Once we made an inquiry. We were together in a spiritual circle, it was like training and we all had to specify three main rules for humanity ‘if you were God’. So, somebody came late, just like me today, and we explained him what we are doing. We told him: “Well, we all imagine that we are God…” and he interrupted: “I thought that it’s me!”

So, in one sense we all think and hope that we are somehow in the focus. We have an objective universe and we have a subjective universe also. And the connection between the two is very important. You have heard about the microcosm and macrocosm. So the link between the two is very important. Actually we can say that we are made of stardust. So you have the capacity of shining power inside you. But if we think that we are the only center of the universe, then we might face some problems. Because you will meet other persons who think the same and then conflicts are there.

Therefore we should also observe the fourth principle, which is: divine arrangement exists. Where the human capacity ends, divine mercy starts. This is a very important principle of this arrangement. We have to be active partners in this life of experience, because actually all that we have is given by someone, it’s provided to us. Body we have got from our parents, intellect is provided by God, your eternal life is always there, real spiritual happiness is our goal – so this is like a system. And the more we are purified, the more we understand the workings of the system. Therefore practicing yoga helps you to tune to these universal divine vibrations. Then the reaction will be that you feel the peace, you feel the integrity. This is the feedback.

And then if we think about the fifth principle – that divine love is the way – we can understand this by trying to examine what is the most powerful element of our experience. It is not power, it is not intellect, it is not finances, it is not influence, it is not politics… It’s this friction of the stardust in your heart and soul. That friction generates energy, and that energy is your capacity to love.

What happens if we give our stardust vibrations to human beings? Well in the ideal, romantic – stories it is fulfilled. Practically – most probably you will be frustrated. Because these many different centers of the universe will just collide. Better we put the Supreme Person into our focus, because if we dedicate our ultimate energy to the Supreme Lord, Krishna, then there will be no frustration.


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