Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Thank you very much for coming and sorry for my being late. But we should be never late from perfection. We are very fortunate to be here in this beautiful yoga center, which is just like a very special place inside a hospital, right? In the hospitals they can cure the bodies, in the yoga centers they can heal the soul. In this way our whole complex – body, mind, spirit – is under control.

I am sure that most of you practice yoga, right? So what is yoga in our life? Yoga means connection. If you control your physical activities, then your mind will bring you the inner peace, and if you have this inner peace, you will help the peace to win externally also.

Today we came together on a specific topic – yoga as a path of perfection. Can you, please, help me a little bit, will you contribute? Can you raise hands all those who believe that perfection exists? With two hands, right? I think this is a unison hope for all of us that perfection exists. And I am very happy that we are in a so much positive environment. Sometimes it is so difficult to explain to people that perfection exists!

But the next question comes: whether perfection is an individual, subjective experience or that is something objectively existing, independently of us? What do you think?

Answer: The subjective perfection is leading to the big, common perfection.

Swami Tirtha: Correct. If we practice yoga then we must have a unifying, a harmonizing approach to the world. This is not “either this or that,” but “this and that”. So, perfection is an objective ideal which we can perceive individually. We are human beings. We are brothers and sisters, belonging to the same family of the Supreme. What is the color of your blood?

Answer: Red.

Swami Tirtha: Just like for me. What is the color of the sky above us? It’s blue for all of us. What is the color of the Black Sea?

Answers (laughing): Black, blue…

Swami Tirtha: Yes. So, we have so many things in common. And we have so many things particular. That brings the beauty of life. Unity and diversity are the two sides of the same coin. And what is the writing on the circumference? The five rules of existence are written there. Shall I tell you these five rules?

The first is… some say it’s a pessimistic, but I say it’s a realistic view: “Life is difficult.” Do you agree? Or at least, if we want to put it more gentle: “Life is not so easy.” But point number two is a very positive approach that “Help is close.” So, life is difficult, but help is close. The third one is the most devastating: “You are not the center of the universe.” However difficult is to digest this, sorry, that is true. But then the fourth gives us a little hope: “There is divine providence.” And the fifth is the essential: “Divine love is the way.”

So, which part from these five points should we discuss?

Answer: The first one.

Swami Tirtha: Well, I think the difficulties of life – we all have practical experience of that. I think all of us could tell stories.

Another answer: The third one.

Swami Tirtha: Let’s go step by step. It is not enough to describe the difficulties of life, because it does not help us. Better we search for solutions, better we search for pure ideals. And this material world, this earthly life that we live, that we experience right now is very ambivalent, has always two sides, two aspects. Like this one: difficult, but help is close. So, if we want to go beyond our experience, then we should be committed to some very high and pure ideals. Why this help is given to human beings? In order to overcome the difficulties. And when you turn back, what is your feeling about your life? “It was all right.” If we look back in the past, then we shall see this nice arrangement, how step by step we achieved the point where we are now. If you look forward the picture might be hazy, but using our intelligence we should understand that as our past was fully under divine control, our future is in the same way under full divine control. We have so much power. You all have much power. Only a very insignificant portion of your energies and intellect you use. Very insignificant! Your resources are great. Yoga helps us to excavate our energies, to bring them to the surface.

The realities, or the difficulties of life also depend on the point of view. With the same amount of energy we can be dissatisfied or satisfied – it’s up to our choice. You know this very simple example whether your cup is half full or half empty. Difficult and easy situations always change each other. After the day, the night will come. And after the night, the day will come – hopefully. So, which one is better – the day or the night? We cannot say one is better than the other because they revolve all the time. In the same way in the dualities of life on this planet Earth good and bad always change. But even if we face some trial, we should not forget about the second rule – that help is close.

(to be continued)

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