Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 17.08.2017 morning, Ludasto)

(continues from the previous Friday)

Once there was a discussion where the nama-acharya[1] Haridas Thakur was also present. This was like a small conference where the local yogis and saintly people came together to discuss the nature of the holy name. And everybody came with different ideas about what are the results, what are the benefits of chanting the name. Somebody said that the holy name will end all your karma. The audience was very happy to hear this message, but Haridas Thakur was not satisfied. Others said that it will bring all the benefits that you can imagine, all your desires will be fulfilled. Then the third option was that you will achieve liberation. You see, higher and higher grades of results: no more suffering, no karma, fulfillment of desires, you feel content, you feel happy; or you even achieve liberation. But Haridas Thakur didn’t approve. He said that all these are the secondary effects, but the prime, the most important effect is the prema. Dharma, artha, kama, moksha; and prema. Krishna holds the Govardhana Hill with this prema finger – the little finger.

So we should always improve the quality, the intensity and the depth of our chanting. Be proud and at the same time be careful, because you have a very strong instrument in your hands. If you are not careful, all your material ambitions will be fulfilled. And then you will be enamored by these gifts of maya. You over-chant yourself and finally find all material happiness. Beware! So then what is your option? ‘Then we don’t chant.’

We have to chant and we have to pray – this is the proper mood. Our spiritual practice should achieve the topmost purity level. The holy name is called chintamani because it can change the nature of something that is connected to it. So if we let ourselves be exposed, be connected to the holy name, our nature can change. We can give up the secondary conditioned nature and we can come back to our original, primary nature – the spiritual one.

So, this is about the secondary results and the offensive chanting. It will bring some benefits, no doubt, but not the ultimate benefit.

Namabhasa is a higher grade. The form is the same, but the use is different. Namabhasa is like a resemblance of the holy name. For example, in Bulgarian this “кришнарите”[2] – this is namabhasa. They don’t mean Krishna, but ‘these guys, the krishnaits’. The meaning is secondary. But even that, they say, will bring liberation. So I told you, beware! Because you chant in this mentality, on this platform of the shadow of the holy name, and all of a sudden you find yourself liberated. But there are certain aspects of liberation which are like the vacuum. Not so much life is manifested there, it’s a kind of frozen eternity, we can say. Therefore this is also not very much recommended, especially for those who want to establish a living and loving connection with God Supreme.

Therefore there is only one chance for us and this is the pure chanting, the pure nama. This is the favorable environment for chanting the holy name – when your whole mentality, your whole inner set of values, your whole heart is pure.

(to be continued)

[1] The spiritual authority on the holy name

[2] krishnaits

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