Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


If I remember correctly, it was Jayadev Goswami who was looking out of the window, seeing the pain of people around and he said: “Ah, it’s so painful to see the sufferings of others that my tears are flowing – so much so that they are just wetting my body and also making the soil muddy. So many tears are coming as I walk towards You, my Lord! But my tears have a little use, a little service, because as they wet the soil, people will see by my footsteps where is the direction to You.”

There was another saintly person in India who said: “I am ready to accept millions of scorpion bites into all the pores of my body if I could relieve the living entities from the suffering.”

So there are different levels of commitment in that respect. We have to identify our level and our service – what is expected from us and what is distributed to us as a talent by the Supreme. Because don’t forget, we are part of a great experiment.

Manjari: Experiment? Isn’t it lila?

Tirtha Maharaj: Of course ultimately this is the divine lila, but there are so many distortions, and stupidity, and bad things in spiritual life, that we have to establish a kind of livable Krishna consciousness, that is possible to practice, to do it naturally.

Maybe you don’t realize and maybe this is not your business yet, but this is the experiment that we are trying to do. Therefore I invite everybody: please, if you don’t understand yet, if you don’t see the prospect of this, at least don’t hinder. This is my humble request. Because this is a great job.

And I tell you, we are somehow hidden by Krishna in Eastern Europe. But if, for example, Abhay Charan Prabhu lived in California, America, he would be the standard of vaishnava siddhanta. Of course, if he lived in California he would not be Abhay Charan Prabhu, so that’s also a little complicated network. But what I want to say is: we have treasures here. Exceptional treasures! Such visions, such realizations, such deep knowledge, such human understanding that it’s just going beyond limits. Maybe you don’t really have international comparison, I have. I know what I am talking about. I don’t say that what others have is not good, but what we have – this is very good. Please help me to make it a success. A secret success.

Kripadham: Abhay Charan Prabhu gave very good example yesterday, because he didn’t like to sing, although he sings divinely beautiful, and he offered all the time to the others. He refused to sing until we sing.

Tirtha Maharaj: You see, this is the culture. Therefore you socialize in this mood, grow up in this mood, not in the other mood. I think some of you have some idea of different other moods in devotional life. Exactly this was the experiment! Usually we don’t mention names, but in this case I think we can say: by far Abhay Charan Prabhu is accepted by everybody as a chief authority! And he acts in such a humble way. This is our standard. I want it happen like this. With this mood you should carry on! This is the true path. Those who are really qualified are humble – but in such an overwhelming way, that this is irresistible. Immediately you can recognize and appreciate his authority and competence.

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