Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

In the universe there are practically only three categories existing. The first is ourselves. We should start from ourselves, we should perceive our existence. This is a little egoistic, still this is the starting point from where we can begin our search for perfection. If we know ourselves and if we look around, we shall see the world outside – this is the second category. This is the manifested reality around us. So, imagine a triangle. The first corner of the triangle this is you; the other corner of this triangle is the world. Practically we are on the basic platform. The third corner of this triangle – this is the Supreme. Us, the world and the Supreme – this is the triangle of existence. Actually we are searching to find the angles, the connections, the relationships between these corners of this existential triangle.

The first search is for ourselves. We have to know ourselves in order to find our place in this setup. Then we have to get some information about this world around us. Is there a connection between us and the world? There is. In which direction? We influence the world or the world influences us? Both directions. So, let us take another side of this triangle – the human beings and God or the Supreme. Is there a connection between these two? Yes; and what is the direction? We influence Him or He influences us? It is also both directions. Because He has started this initial step of creation and we can reflect, for example we can offer our mantras, we can offer our meditations back to Him. So there is a connection and this connection is both sides. And what about the third side of the triangle, like God and creation? Is there a connection? Of course there is a connection. What is the direction? The connection between the Supreme and the world is one way. He has influence over the world, but the world does not give a shadow over Him. So, if we can understand that anything that exists in this universe can be measured in these three categories – the souls (individual living entities), the objective world and the Supreme – then we have the full picture.

In order to understand this picture better we have to use our intelligence. The goal is yoga – to be connected to the Supreme, Lord Krishna – but how to do this, how to be connected always we have to learn, we have to study.

One essence of the human beings is their consciousness. One part of our body that we treat very nice – this is our head. We think it is very important – and it is important, no doubt. There is another part of our body which is maybe a little more precious and this is the heart. And the goal of yoga is to connect the heart with the brain, to unite knowledge and feeling and use the benefit of both. Ultimately we have to use our intelligence to understand our original home, our present situation and the method to be applied. And we have to use our heart to perceive the goal and to collect the energy, to collect the inspiration to go.

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