Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

If you churn the milk what is that you get finally? Butter. Can we say that butter is the essence of milk? Then what is milk? Must milk also be an essential thing? Milk is the essence of the cow. What is cow? Cow is the essence of animals. And what is the essence of butter? The essence of butter is ghee.. So we can say also that ghee is the essence of milk. And we can also say that ghee is the essence of the cow. And we can also say that ghee is the essence of the animal kingdom. All right, then what can we use the ghee for?


Well, what does Charvaka Muni say about ghee? Charvaka Muni is practically the only materialist in Indian history of philosophy. He says that “Ghee is best. Take it, get it, does nоt matter how! Buy it, rob it, snatch it! Enjoy ghee! Eat as much ghee as possible. Because there is no karma, there is no reincarnation, there is no payment for the sins, no next life – enjoy now the ghee!” This was his philosophy. He also knew that the essence is the ghee. Still he came to a wrong conclusion, because he wanted to use ghee for his own personal enjoyment. “Ghee” means “something to smear on”. Either you smear it on your body or on your tongue. If you sacrifice it in this way, this is a wrong one. But if we sacrifice ghee in divine ceremonies, in fire sacrifices, this is the appropriate use for ghee.


So we had churned the animal kingdom and we had received the nectar – ghee. What is the essence of churning your life?


Emotion and devotion, right. This is the ultimate nectar that we can churn from our life. Divine emotions, divine love. Should we use it for ourselves? Should we smear this ghee on our bodies? Or should we offer it as the best part of our life to Krishna. Do not be kripana. “Kripana” means “no kripa”, who wants to keep everything for himself. If we churn the ocean of our life and if we finally achieve the nectar, the essential part, then we should offer it. This is the best use of our life. So go on churning your life. Do not be surprised to find sometimes poison, trust the divine help and go on with your practices. Nectar will come. It is hidden there in your hearts.

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