Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25 of May 2006, Sofia)
Guru is like a doctor – applying the proper method for your cure. In Ayurveda there are different types of patients. And the doctor has to use different methods according to the nature of the patient. You know these different types of patients? One is the intellectual type. Very smart, very clever! He knows everything about health and everything about disease. This is a very difficult type. Because this type you have to CONVINCE with reasons. So the doctor must be well-prepared.
But this is not the most difficult case. The second one is a fighter type, who is trying to do EVERYTHING against the instructions of the doctor. The doctor says: “Don’t drink.” And he says: “NO! I will drink!” Doctor says: “Give up smoking.” “How can I give up, I’ve been smoking from 20 years, this is my daily habit!” Est., est., so many things. This type you should overcome in a battle. You should DISROY him in a battle. Poor doctor!
The third type is finally a better one – this is a lover type. With this type it’s enough to say with very gentle nice words: “Please, do like this” and he will take it!
These are the three types of patients. But I can tell you, disciples has unlimited categories. But these main types are there: one you have to intellectually overcome. There are devotees who are always full of questions. “Gurudev, I have a question.” There’s no end of the questions! Once somebody was visiting a group of devotees and there was one very sharp lady there. She came with a notebook full of questions! Minimum hundred questions. Too much! Don’t forget, if we try to analyze and explain everything – it’s very easy to kill the subject. Right? So if we intellectually cut it into pieces, finally there will be nothing remain. Vivisection.
The other type is that should be smashed, this is the next disciple – that should be smashed. Doctor False Ego. That should be smashed! And the third type is the general type of disciples – the obedient one. Enough to say “Haribol!” and he will say: “Hare Krishna!” So this is the role of the guru – applies the method, the proper cure according to the nature of the sick disciples. He is our doctor. And we must have full trust in our doctor. Because sometimes he gives us very difficult rules to follow. But if we have this trust in our spiritual master, then even the heaviest cure will be very easy and fast.

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