Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Krpadham: We know the story of Brahma in krishna-lila when he steals the friends of Krishna, not knowing that this is Krishna. We also know that Brahma is the highest entity in our universe. And also we know that he is one of the founders of our parampara. How does it happen that Kaliya, who is a demon in krishna-lila, gets directly the mercy of the lotus feet of Krishna, and Brahma even does not recognize that this is Krishna? I cannot understand why Krishna decided to dance on the heads of Kaliya, but with Brahma performed another type of lila. As Kaliya is a demon, and Brahma is a devotee!

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, but they had different roles to fulfill. And you know, Saraswati was not present in the lila. And Saraswati is the shakti partner of Brahma. But the nagapatnis, the wives of Kaliya, were present in Kaliya-lila. So, Kaliya was a dull-headed snake. But the ladies were so devoted to Krishna, that they were praying to Him: “Ah, do not kill our husband! If he dies what shall we do!?” But, you know, Krishna was in danger, because the snake was coiling Him up, so He decided to do something about it. Still the wives were crying so charmingly, that He could not resist. And the ladies suggested: “We know, that our Kaliya has many heads and in each head bad thoughts about You. There is only one way for him to get rid of these bad thoughts – if You dance out, kick out these bad thoughts out of his heads.”

So, if the ladies interfere, the lilas are more mild. If the ladies were not there, Krishna simply would finish quickly with him. But because the ladies were so devoted to Krishna: “Please, do not kill this stupid Kaliya! We need him!” Krishna said: “All right, but what can I do then?” “Dance on his heads!” In this way, by the blessings of some devotees, the devoted wives, Kaliya achieved this special touch of Krishna’s feet.

So what can we do? For male devotees there are two options: if you are stupid, take a nice devoted wife; if you are not so stupid, it is not necessary.

Kripadham: But finally as I know Brahma did not receive the mercy from the lotus feet of Krishna?

Tirtha Maharaj: Why? Because he had his crown on his head. First we should put off our crown. Because Brahma came as the lord of the universe. A little disturbed: “Did I do it right or wrong, or what is going on…?!” But still the crown was on top of his head. Men are the same, they feel they are the crown of creation. So they put their own crown. But have you tried bowing down your head with a crown?! It does not really work. Put down your crown and then you can bow down your head.

But this is a complicated lila. Brahma-lila and Kaliya-lila is very broad. You can read about this in the “Loving search for the lost servant” from Shrila Shridhara Maharaj. But basically if we have some friends, who can say a word for us to Krishna, then we are safe.

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