Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The desire – that I want to possess and I want to connect my senses with the objects – is very obvious. What is the reason for children to cry? “O, he has taken my toy!” So when you are deprives of possessing, enjoying, connecting your senses with the objects, then you cry. It’s always like this. And they are sincere enough to cry, loud! Grown-up people are practically the same. They have the same mentality. They want to enjoy the same way, but they are not ready to cry for it. But by purifying the existence, you can change this mentality.

And the most interesting and the most attractive connecting of the senses with sense objects is focused around sexuality. This is, we can call, biological conditioning. If we examine the situation very precisely, this is nothing more than the urge for multiplication. Where does it coming from?

It is said: whatever is up there is down here. Krishna also has this tendency to multiply. In the beginning there was only one – He was alone. But it was a little bit boring. Although He was fully satisfied, God, the Absolute Person is fully satisfied. Still He also needs company. Therefore He started to manifest some of His energies. To have an exchange – because by exchanging the feelings multiply. Finally everything is coming from Him, everything originates from Him. He has this tendency to multiply, therefore humans also has the tendency to multiply – to expand their energies. But until you are materially-minded, you will always cross the boundaries of others. And then children start to cry: “Hey, he has taken my possession, he has taken my toy!” Then tries to take it back and the other also starts to cry. Fighting is always there.

If you are on that level, you try to achieve your interest, independent interest. You work for it. But as devotees we should work for Krishna’s interest – the ultimate and universal interest. And then we can overcome this urge for multiplication in its crude form, very basic form. And we can multiply our energies in different ways also. The contact of the senses and the sense objects at the same time is part of our life; even a devotee eats sometimes. Even a devotee makes love to his wife; otherwise no children, which is the fruit of family. So if God has given senses to us, it also got some sense. We have to use the senses – but in proper way.

What is the way to use the body, to engage the body? If the idea could have been to engage ourselves 12 hours in deep meditation – you know, you would fall asleep after 1 hour, you would move, you would chat… it would be very difficult to perform that. Instead of this what we are doing? We are working hard and meanwhile we are talking and sometimes relaxing, doing – so performing some activities. BUT all this is based on meditation. So if you start meditation, you will end up in failure. If you start work, you will end up in meditation. This is the way to establish this contact between the senses and the objects.

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