Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Yamuna: When Lord Brahma was born in the lotus flower, he started going down following the stem of the lotus and it is described that for endless amount of time he was going down, but he could not reach the navel of Vishnu, from where actually it starts. He went back and he started to meditate and through meditation he reached.

Tirtha Maharaj: Almost like this, because he was trying to go down to find the roots of the lotus flower, but no result. Then returned back to the flower itself and then he started to meditate. Through this meditation he understood: I cannot find the end of the lotus, therefore it is better to worship it. So the conclusion was not meditation, the conclusion was worship. Because you cannot understand, better worship. So even at that very first act in the universe comes to the conclusion of dedicated service.

Yamuna: Also I have heard two versions: that the first sound heard by Brahma was tapaha and that the first sound was om. Which was the first sound and when did he hear it – before his meditation, during or when he reached the conclusion?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, the first mantra that was given to Brahma this is tapaha.  This was the inspiration coming through his heart: do some penance, tapaha means do some penance. But tapaha also means energy, heat. And that suggest through meditation you can generate more power. Then he was able to complete the task to arrange the universal matter.

But in another way the first sound to resound in space, this is om.  I did not check, but they say that if you take e metal plate, you throw some sand on it and you start to resonate the plate, the sand will form the om on the surface. I do not know but they say it is like this. That shows that even in the reflection the original creative sound is there. So we can say that om is the first mantra to create order in the chaos. There are some few millions of Vedic mantras, because all the creation depends on the mantras. These are like the codes of creation. The first mantra, the basic root mantra is om. Om is like the flute sound of Krishna ultimately. We discussed material universe, but anything that is there in the material universe comes from the divine realm.

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